• 1. Working late:
    It’s the one time you’re glad to have a job.
  • 2. Car problems:
    A flat tire, engine problems, faulty flux capacitor – something that warrants a tow truck.
  • 3. Family emergency:
    Your mom, an old aunt, even better, a sick dog – there’s a reason they call them man’s best friend.
  • 4. Cell phone issues:
    “Damn phone, you’d think they’d perfect this technology by now. I’m positive I charged it before I left the house!”
  • 5. Old friend in town:
    I haven’t seen [insert FAKE name here] in years, we had to catch up on old times with a couple of pints. Important note: make sure it’s not someone you actually know, that way, it can never come back to haunt you at your next class reunion.
  • 6. Date mix-up:
    “Were we supposed to go out last night? I’ve really got to fire my secretary.”
    Try not to snicker while saying this if your secretary was the one you had a Tryst with.
  • 7. Lights out:
    You can’t be doing anything wrong while you’re sleeping, so blame a poor sleep from the night before or call on your narcolepsy.
  • 8. Wardrobe malfunction:
    Ladies this one is for you – “I couldn’t go out with you looking like this. It made me look fat, I had nothing else to wear, and these shoes are so out season.”
    Bonus tip: start throwing around designer names and obscure colors. He’ll be so confused; he’ll let the matter drop.
  • 9. Tryst-tinnitus:
    ( Sniff ) “I think I’m coming down with something contagious, I’ll see you on the flip side.”
    ( Cough, Cough )
  • 10. Abducted and probed by aliens:
    If they didn’t buy the last nine excuses, what the hell else do you have to lose? Plus, it will explain why you’re walking like that.

About to be made? No excuse!
Reffer to Tryst.com top 10 excuses to explain your whereabouts after your latest tryst.

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