• Condoms
    If you need to know why you should always have these handy, we’re surprised someone’s willing to sleep with you at all.
  • Change of clothes
    Good to have for either an hour – or a night-long rendezvous. You don’t want to bring any tainted evidence home with you.
  • Toiletries
    Hop in the shower and get rid of that forbidden sex smell. Hey, while you’re soaping up in there, why not go for round two?
  • Lube
    Cause everything’s more fun with lube! Oh, the possibilities…
  • Tide-to-Go
    This spot remover is pocket sized and gets rid of lipstick or any other Trysting stains quickly.
  • Toys
    Hand cuffs, blindfolds, whatever gets you going. Be creative but try not to scare your fellow Tryster. This is your chance to get a little kinky and try something you’ve never done before!
  • Tryst.com Top 10 list of excuses
    Think of it as your essential “cheat sheet.” Print out this handy list and memorize a few before you go home. We do not recommend writing this on your hand.
  • Phone number of a good divorce attorney
    Just in case you get made after you get laid.

Always be prepared
It was good advice when you were a scout/girl scout, and it remains good advice now.  Before you head out on your next tryst, be sure to pack your Tryst kit (aka. “First Laid Kit.”)

In Tryst we Trust