• New Year’s Day:
    There’s nothing like ringing in the New Year with a new tryst. Besides, who else are you going to have hold back your hair?
  • Valentine’s Day:
    Why save all your lovin’ for one person? Romance is all around us on February 14, so go on, spread the love.
  • St. Patrick’s Day:
    Kiss me, I’m horny. You don’t have to be Irish to take advantage of this holiday – all you need is a bit of Lucky Charm.
  • First Day of spring:
    Ah, you can sense that love is in the air. When you see all the birds and bees doin’ it, it just puts you in a frisky mood.
  • First Day of summer:
    You just can’t help yourself. People are wearing less clothing, which means a flood of impure thoughts, not to mention easier access.
  • Canada Day/Independence Day:
    There’s no better way to show off your national pride than having sex with a fellow patriot who’s not your significant other. Fireworks guaranteed!
  • Thanksgiving:
    Gobble, gobble! When it’s time to give thanks to all the blessings from the past year, count a steamy tryst as one of them.
  • Christmas:
    ‘Tis the season of giving. Unwrap that package and give’r ‘til it hurts.

There are certain times of the year when one’s thoughts instinctively turn to trysting. Mark these dates on your calendar

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