• Cheap motel: The cover of secrecy is crucial for the success of a tryst. However, think of all the other tysters who have “come” to that room before you, as well as the added adventure of a drug deal taking place in the room next to yours.
  • Your place: You know it’s clean and the price is right (free). But if an unknowing partner happens to come home early, you’d better make sure that the bedroom is located on the first floor.
  • Public place: The fear of getting caught is a high that enhances the experience. The act of getting caught kills it completely.
  • Work: You’ve fantasized about sweeping the papers and supplies off of your desk, and giving the sexy accountant in finance the rogering of their life. Great idea, but be sure the cubicle walls are high enough to block the security cameras, and do it after the cleaning crew has left for the day.
  • Pied-à-terre: Your Company may own one, and luckily for you, the boss has gone away and left the key to this quaint love shack unattended. Unfortunately for you, on the day you decide to use it for a clandestine tryst, someone else may be having the same thought. Isn’t it just your luck that you walk in on the CEO hogtied and being disciplined by that sexy accountant in finance.
  • Car: You can drive to whatever romantic setting strikes your fancy. On the down side, you’re going to have to explain how you got that bump on the back of your head, thanks to the space limitations of a hatchback.

The elusive “T” spot (aka the tryst spot) can take place in a variety of hot venues – each with its own pros and cons.  Be prepared!

In Tryst we Trust