Earning some Overtime

  • Step #1 –
    Have someone in the office you’ve had your eye on for a while? At some point throughout the day, mention in passing that you may have to work late.
  • Step #2 –
    Later on, connect with him/her again. Water cooler, coffee run, or supply closet come to mind.
  • Step #3 –
    Watch your desired Tryst unfold as that special someone conveniently just happens to be stuck working late.  That supply closet may come in handy 😉

Business Trip

  • Option #1 –
    The hotel bar is a great place to start your search. All in company are in the same boat, plus there’s the well known potion of a Tryst, alcohol!
  • Option #2 –
    Do some preparations before hand on an internet dating site, as they’ve been known to hookup some serious action. Get a few [destination] options rolling, ensure you’ll have access to the internet wherever you’re going, and make sure to clear your history before you leave home base.
  • Option #3 –
    Local venues such as bars, clubs, and restaurants are a good place to find a likely Tryst. You will have to have the right moves, so make sure you brush up on your sweet talk, clean yourself up and turn off your phone.
    … ensure you go home with luggage and leave behind the baggage.

Break Time

  • Lunch Hour –
    Food replenishes the mind, allowing the body to refuel for the latter part of the day. Ensure you’re getting the 5 major food groups;
    Vegetables & Fruit – Grain Products – Milk & Alternatives – Meat & Alternatives – The Opposite sex
  • Midday Workout –
    Along with eating well, one should stretch and condition the body. Paying a visit to the gym or going for a walk during the workday is a great way to achieve this. Tryst.com sees the midday workout’s bigger picture with an opportunity to bang two birds with one stone.
    Ensure you have a place to go for your midday stretch, close enough that you can be back to work within a hour. Grab your gym bag, and meet up with that sexy other in the office 2 floors above you. Best cardio workout you’ll ever have. 😉

In Tryst we Trust