Setting the Stage

  • Clean up your place, change the sheets and have all massage items close at hand.  (Oils, candles, music, toys, etc.)
  • At dinner or over the phone, let your partner know they can expect a relaxing, sensual, erotic massage.  The anticipation works wonders.
  • When its time light some candles, turn the lights off and some soothing music on
  • Loose the clothes and ask your partner to get comfortable on his/her stomach
  • ( Tip #1 ) Keep your partner warm during the massage via sheet or towel

The Massage

  • Begin your massage with simple and light tip of the finger touching.  Be sure to pay close attention to your partner’s reactions.  You want to avoid tickling, achieving more of a tease of things to come.   Start mid-shoulder area working your way to the arms, sides, hips and swell of back.
  • Continue to massage your partner with long, deeper more sensual strokes.  Again, we stress that reading your partners reactions to the massage is very important.  We recommend asking if you’re massaging too hard or too soft.
  • Progressively get deeper and deeper with your touch, starting in the upper mid back area, progressing down the back and arms.  Try envisioning stress within your partner’s body which you are coaxing and directing out.  Doing this will help you stay consistent in the direction and progressive flow of massage down and away from the upper shoulder / head area.
  • Continue your massage to the buttocks, hips, legs, calves and eventually the feet.  Once again, pay attention to your partner as the feet may be a ticklish area.
  • Now, ask your partner to turn around, lying on their back. You need to significantly reduce your compressions for this portion of your massage, as tissue is not as deep in the front.  We recommend you use the same tip of finger technique introduced at the beginning of the massage.  This is a great opportunity for you to work in kissing, licking and if suiting the occasional nibble.  Remember, this is a sensual warm up, so take your time before paying close attention to the goods.
  • ( Tip#2 ) Try to always keep hand contact with your partner, only changing the position and pressure given.  The pros can give their body melting massages with their eyes closed.
  • ( Tip#3 )Try to have each hand mirror one another along the middle of your partner’s body.

Dry cleaners, taxi, dinner and wine … A Tryst can be an expensive endeavor.  Knowing all the right plays for your Tryst can be priceless.
Take your time, pay attention to your partner and afterwards the two of your will be basking in the afterglow of some unreal sex.
Tryst’s Playbook assures it will keep the plays coming.

In Tryst we Trust.