We love the latest and greatest in technology – gadgets offer more than ever before and make our lives so much easier. We sing their praises when they get us out of a pinch, but curse them when they make us look bad. We’ve put together a few gadgets that could potentially land you in a heap of trouble – especially when it comes to Trysting.

Cell phones with GPS:

  • Good – Where would we be if we couldn’t talk to our friends and family anywhere, anytime? Plus, the built-in camera comes in handy – usually when you’re naked.
  • Bad – Your significant other can find you anywhere, anytime thanks to your cell’s GPS – usually when you’re in the middle of a sexy sandwich.


  • Good – You need to store thousands of songs, movies and pictures – who knows when you might need them.
  • Bad – Finding or making a playlist to help get you in the mood is virtually impossible to find, and if you’re lucky enough to find it, your date has probably got tired of waiting and gone home.

High-definition TV:

  • Good – You see things clearer than ever before, thanks to HDTV’s sharper picture. Explosions jump right off the screen, and you can practically count the blades of grass while watching the PGA tour. Plus, your friends are super-jealous of your new purchase.
  • Bad –    You see things clearer than ever before, thanks to HDTV’s sharper picture. You were just fine not seeing the blemishes on that porn star’s ass.

DVD players in cars:

  • Good – You can’t imagine what it was like not to watch porn in your car. Perfect for people who like to practice time management, you can watch porn on your way to your Tryst so you’re ready to hit it the moment you walk the door.
  • Bad – Your insurance rates are through the roof. It’s hard to watch porn and watch the car in front of you. Who knew?

Remote-controlled vibrators:

  • Good – Yes, yes, yes! Never before have you had so many orgasms in a row. The best part is after you’re done, you don’t have to share the bed with anyone.
  • Bad – It’s not the same as having a real man – but perhaps that’s a good thing…

In Tryst we Trust