We here at Tryst.com want you to get the most bangs for your buck when it comes to taking a vacation. We’ve put in the exhausting research – for the benefit of our readers, of course – and came up with the hottest tryst trends on where to get it on when you’re getting down.

  • Singles – On your own for a vacation? You won’t be for long! There’s no chance of bumping into families or honeymooners on a singles vacation. When you’ve got the urge to head south – way down south – you can choose from your standard singles’ cruise, to a get-away where you’re matched a like-minded adult who has also signed up for the trip. This type of tryst vacation is perfect solution to your average resort package, and ideal if you’ve got a sense of adventure. And whatever happens on this trip stays on this trip – confidentiality is key, because when you’re trysting thousands of miles from home, no one is ever going to find out.
  • Swinging couples – For a swinging good time, opt for a swingers vacations. There are resorts, cruises and weekend get-aways that caterer to professional and playful adults.  Whether you’re new to the lifestyle or a seasoned couple, there is a vacation that speaks to your comfort level.  And it’s not just about the trysting – soak up the sun, enjoy a new restaurant, or pamper yourself with a spa day. Some of these vacations are clothing optional, which helps break the ice and opens the gate to some quality couple trysting.
  • Wild & Erotic – When you want to turn your fantasies into reality, go wild and erotic on your next vacation. Places like Hedonism, that boasts an “anything goes” party atmosphere, make sure your every whim is taken care of with all-inclusive packages. Open to both singles and couples, wild and erotic vacations are unique adventurous getaways that encourage intimate and sexual pleasures beyond your greatest fantasies. One wild trip to try is to Porn Week, where you get to share an ultimate fantasy vacation with famous porn stars!
  • Naked/Clothing optional – A clothing optional/naked vacation is just like any other vacation – only without clothing. When you are booking, be sure to check which it is: Optional means exactly what it implies – you can choose to go with or without your bathing suit, while at nudist resorts, you are expected to be naked 24/7.  These vacations range from luxury camping in natural sites with nearby comforts, to restful cruises that journey to exotic ports, to nudist nature hikes, to naked bed & breakfasts. And just like naked bodies, no two nude get-aways are ever same, so there will always be new naked adventures to try. Note: remember to apply suntan lotion liberally to areas that never see the light of day – you don’t want to spend your time off tending to a burn on your bits.