Top 10 lines you’ll hear from someone who wants to get their Tryst on:

  • #10 “I’m here all my lonesome (sigh)”
    You’re most likely to here this line at a hotel bar. You’ll know for sure if they’re interested in a Tryst if they “accidentally” leave their room key behind when they leave.
  • #9 “My husband/wife is out of town… for a long time”
    This line could be slipped into any conversation – at work, your kid’s soccer game, while grocery shopping. Why not offer to help around the house and see what transpires?
  • #8 “I’ve always wanted to try a booty call”: There’s no reason why you can’t fulfill this person’s wish – your next night out, give them a call at 2 am and see how seriously they really were.
  • #7 “I’m so mad at my girl/boyfriend right now – I just want to get even with them”
    A spur of the moment comment, you should throw out your idea for how they can get revenge right away, before it passes.
  • #6 “My back is killing me! Can you give me a rub?”
    Tell them you’ll need their shirt off and plenty of oil.
  • #5 “Don’t you wish you could be bad for just one day?”
    Why not make that day today?
  • #4 “What my wife/husband doesn’t know, won’t hurt them”
    Unless, of course, they walk in on you – then you might be the one getting hurt.
  • #3 “I’ll try anything… once”
    Does having a Tryst with me count?
  • #2 “I have a walk-in shower, you could easily fit two people in there. You should come over and see it”
    What a coincidence, I’m feeling rather dirty.
  • #1 “My place or yours?”

    In Tryst we Trust