Looking for Trysts in all the wrong places?  The gang here at Tryst have complied their list of the top 5 pick-up spots where you could meet your next passionate partner!

1.   Online: Just a few short years ago, nobody would ever say they met a date over the Internet (even though we were all doing it!). Today, and especially in these trying economic times, online dating is the fiscally responsible choice and the #1 spot for meeting people. If you’re looking for something a little more risqué than your run-of-the-mill dating site, try an adult dating community. One that we love is XXXBlackBook.com. With over 3 million members lookin’ for some lovin’, there is no shortage of hot guys and girls to hook up with. Try the IM or Video Chat features, which let you connect with potential Trysts instantly.

2.   Work: This may not fly in a smaller company (like here in the Tryst offices) but larger ones are a hot bed of Trysting activity just waiting to happen. These companies often feature a variety of departments you never interact with. Try taking your break or lunch at a different time than normal, as there’s usually a rotating group of new faces. Now that the weather’s warming up, go for a walk outside – there’s also great potential from other companies located close to yours, all outdoors enjoying the good weather. And if things don’t work out with your coworker, don’t worry – since the company is large, there’s a good chance you won’t see them that often.

3.    Sporting Activities: Forget the gym – smart Trysters are dropping the dumbbells and joining a sports-related group. There are so many to choose from – Learn to Run clinics, beach volleyball, ultimate Frisbee – so you’ll find one that speaks to your skill level. An added bonus is the other members of your team or league are fairly fit, have lots of energy, and most important of all, have plenty of stamina to keep going and going and going… all night long!

4.    Grocery store: Hey, everyone’s gotta eat – even Trysters. That’s why your local grocery store is a great place to pick up. But be forewarned – the “nice melons” pick-up line doesn’t work anymore (Wait… did it ever work?). If you see someone you like, start a conversation about food – what wine goes with what main course, have they tried a certain food product, or point at something in their cart and ask what aisle they got it from because you’ve always wanted to try it.

5.    Volunteer: Exposing your sensitive side is sometimes the quickest way to get someone to expose their private parts. Sign up to feed the kittens or walk the dogs at your community pet shelter, join a cleaning crew to pick up litter or spend a Thanksgiving packing or serving food to the homeless. While you’re knee deep in philanthropic duties, there’s no better time to bring up the “tragic plight of the so-and-so cause,” which can lead you to donate your sexy charitable services at their place. Added bonus: Tout your mad humanitarian skills at parties, gatherings and other social functions to earn the sensitive vote that always pays off in the bedroom.

In Tryst we Trust!