When you’ve found someone to Tryst with, sometimes you wish you could go back and relive the good times over and over again – with the ability to fast forward through all the slow parts. Here’s an idea – record your sexy times to enjoy time and time again (even when the time comes to let your Tryst go). Set up the tripod and put these tips into practice.

Clarity is key: Make sure your video camera is focused. Fuzzy is not a turn on. You can use a tripod or set the camera on something solid, like a desk or chair. If you’re directing from POV, keep a steady hand so you don’t get motion sick.

Audio is encouraged: It adds to your video’s allure, and reminds you just how much you enjoyed yourself.  Plus, dialogue takes your video to the next level – feel free to improvise and say whatever is on your mind.

Lights, camera, action: Make sure you use a light source so you can actually see what’s going on. In this genre, low lighting works too, but be careful not to make it so dark, so you can’t see what’s going on. Use candles or a dimmer to set the mood.

Just be yourself and have fun! You know what they say: “Dance like there’s no one watching.” The same applies to sex. Give a playful wave to the camera, laugh, instruct, do something new. For years to come you’ll look back on video with fond memories – and it may inspire you to film some new ones!

Score points for originality: Before you get started, jot out a few key points you’d like to touch on (no pun intended). You don’t need a cheesy plot to get it rolling, unless that’s the kind of porn movie you want to make – if you really make it cheesy, it will be a memorable one!

Edit your videos: Easy to use and available readily, digital editing programs allow you to cut the fat out of your movies. Made a mistake? No problem – as director, you have complete creative control over your film. It also allows you to cut down on time and filter content, as well as lets you use different types of shots and positions.

In Tryst we Trust!