They say the fastest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. There’s some truth behind it, and it works for both men and women. Try these libido enhancing appetizers before your next Tryst to get your motor revving.

Oysters: The most common food associated with aphrodisiacs, oysters may have their potent reputation because their shape resembles female naughty bits. While there’s no scientific evidence that they pump your performance, they do have high zinc content, a mineral that is essential to testosterone production and the maintenance of healthy and happy sperm.

Watermelon: Seriously! In fact, a recent study suggested this juicy fruit may induce Viagra-like effects. Watermelon contains large amounts of citrulline, a plant nutrient that boosts the cardiovascular and immune systems and can relax blood vessels to improve blood flow. Unfortunately, the citrulline doesn’t necessarily go straight to your junk and to get to this ambrosia, you’ll have to munch on its rind – and since it’s pretty much inedible, we wouldn’t recommend it.

Chocolate: Although some may choose chocolate over sex, this tasty treat has been a sweet aphrodisiac for centuries. Containing mood enhancers including phenylethylamine, serotonin and anandamide, when released in our bodies, can make us feel happy, passionate and lustful. Guys – to get her going, spread a little chocolate trail down to your treasure – by the time she gets there, chances are she’ll be hungry for more!

Chili Peppers: A sure way to get you red hot is to add chili peppers to your pre-coitus meal. Chock full of capsaicin, a chemical that stimulates nerve endings, you’ll notice you pulse will race and you’ll be sweating up a storm – this is similar to the body’s response to sexual arousal. It also improves your blood circulation, which can cause erogenous zones to become sensitive to any form of stimulation. However, if you have a sensitive stomach, eating spicy chili peppers can cause the opposite effect – there’s nothing like bad gas to kill the mood!

Asparagus: It may make your pee smell funny, but asparagus can have a powerful affect on your sex life. It’s not their phallic shape that will get you off – asparagus is rich in vitamin E which is considered to stimulate production of sex hormones. Try eating it raw or streamed – when boiled, it tends to lose its aphrodisiac powers.

Carrots: They’re not just good for your eyes – they’re also good for your peen. Carrots started stimulating in ancient times – in the Middle East, they were used by royalty to aid in seduction. Mimicking the shape of a penis, carrots contain high-fiber – who knew fiber was good for more than BMs! Just one more reason why it’s important to eat all your vegetables!

Bananas: We’ve all seen the video where a girl deep-throats a banana, but it reality, this fruit is a natural aphrodisiac that has a lot to offer. Full of potassium and vitamin B – necessities for sex hormone production – the banana has been used as a sex aid (in more ways than one) around the world.  Even today, bananas are used in India as offerings to the fertility gods. Another plus is that it contains three types of sugar – fructose, sucrose and glucose – an awesome way to keep your energy up for the active evening ahead.

Almonds: Forgoing the obvious joke about nuts, almonds are good for peens and virility. They contain arginine, an amino acid that is crucial to erections and has been scientifically proven to increase their frequency and duration. There’s no food preparation involved, so grab a handful in between sex sessions to keep up your stamina.

In Tryst We Trust!