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Feb 24,2010

Tryst dates are hard enough without the added pressure of picking a place to host it. We here at Tryst have put together a list of tried-and-tested great date destinations that will provide a stressless backdrop to your get-together.

Bowling: There’s no better way to bowl your date over (sorry, we couldn’t resist). But seriously, bowling is a great place to just get to know someone better. Think about it: It’s pretty hard to take yourself seriously when you’re wearing rented shoes and dining on a feast of beer and nachos. The laidback atmosphere at an alley is very conducive for letting your hair down, relaxing and just being yourself. And with no dress code to worry about, you can feel confident you’ll fit right in with jeans and a T-shirt.

Drive-in Movie: If you’re lucky enough to still have them in your area, go retro and bring your squeeze to a drive-in movie. The movies they screen range from classic to relatively new releases, and the best part is you can talk, make out and throw popcorn at each other in the comfort of your own vehicle. Added bonus points if your seats recline all the way down!

Go-Karting: You remember how much fun this was when you were a kid? A great way to test drive you date’s sense of fun and adventure, go-karting let’s you inner-child take over for an evening. Money wise, it’s pretty cheap and it’s a great chance to show off your mad NASCAR skills.

Wine tasting: Show your date how refined you are by taking them to a local winery. You can schedule the tour after dinner or on its own – either way, you should go on a full stomach. Sexy and sophisticated, a date at the winery is fairly inexpensive, so you can use the extra cash to by a bottle of your favorite vintage to take home and share.

Karaoke: The ancient art of making an ass of yourself is an awes first date idea. What a great way to see if your date is uptight or is willing to put themselves at the mercy of a drunk crowd just for the hell of it. If they need a little prompting to get onto the stage, don’t take “But I can’t sing” as an excuse – suggest a duet so the two of you can let loose together.

Miniature Golf: Do a little investigating online and you’ll find a cheesy mini putt course in your area. Even ones with a kiddie theme are fine. Just wait until the sun goes down, as most places feature some mood lighting. The second best time you’ll have slapping your balls around.

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  • Monday
    Feb 8,2010

    Variety is the spice of life – and that goes for sex too. Before you’re time is up, make sure you get you freak on in the following places.

    The hood of a car: Alternately, you could use the back of a pick-up truck, for a little added privacy, but for those of you who like the thrill of full exposure, the hood of a car is one of the hottest places to do it (especially if you’ve just parked it after a long drive) to do it. Never mind the back seat – that was so 9th grade. You may want to spread a blanket on the hood to avoid a stuck ass, but then again, the suction provides a better grip when thrusting.

    On a hike: Ahhh, nothing like a little fresh air and exercise to get you horny. The next time you hit the trails with your honey, plan on being one with nature while you’re au natural. You can do it standing up and leaning against a tree, or find a secluded patch of grass and stretch out a blanket. Either way, look out for angry mama bears, poisonous plants and pervy park rangers before you get busy.

    An exercise bench: We’re not talking about your local gym here – this is one you can do in your own home. An awesome way to work up a sweat and burn off some calories, use your exercise equipment in ways you’ve never thought of before.  Take the bench – soft and padded, the bench is adjustable, so you can lay it flat down or move it to the seated position. You get extra sexy points if your home gym has mirrors on every wall!

    In an elevator: Aerosmith knew what they were talking about when they wrote “Love in an Elevator”.  Most buildings have them (unless you’re in a walk-up, then improvises just do it in the stairwell), and if you’re lucky your office has one (for a nooner you don’t have to leave work for). Don’t expect anything more than a quickie, especially if the building experiences a lot of traffic, and be sure to check for video cameras, otherwise you may just be in for a surprise when you open the doors and step out to applause from the security guards.

    In a restaurant: Sometimes, you just can’t wait until the check arrives. That’s when it’s time to throw your partner a knowing looking and head to the restroom for a little à la cart sex. Try to do it before dessert, that way you can work up an appetite for something sweet. This type of rendezvous is tricky to pull off, but you may be in luck if the restaurant isn’t too busy and it has stalls for privacy.

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