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Mar 30,2010

Have you ever had a bad hair day? What about a bad pubic hair day? For many, “Crotch Coifing” is a daily ritual, as they spend as much time arranging their hair down there as they do as the hair on their head. Here are a few popular styles we’ve come across, along with the potential Ouch Factor involved.

Natural: You like to let it all hang loose – your hair is a badge of honor! You don’t believe in trimming, even when you’re sporting Speedos. More prevalent on men than women, letting your pubic hair grow is often seen as a sign of virility, but with the rise of manscaping, we may be seeing an extinct breed. Ouch Factor: None, unless of course, your long and curlys get stuck in the zipper.

Trimmed: There’s a bit of maintenance involved, but it’s a weekly or bi-weekly ritual (it really depends on who else is seeing it that day). The pubic hair is shortened but not removed or shaped – think of it as the equivalent of going to the barber and asking for a bit off the top. You done tame the growth of hair from spreading outward from your groin, you just contain it from the ends. Ouch Factor: None.

Triangle: also known as the MC Hammer, this style emulates “chevrons” that the ‘90s singer had shaved into his left eyebrow. Your pubic hair is removed, most commonly by waxing, from the sides to form a triangle so that pubic hair. The Triangle ranges in size from the edge of your bikini line to up to an inch reduction on either side. Hair length varies, but it should be kept short so your Triangle keeps its shape. Ouch Factor: Low/Medium – depending on if you shave or wax. And although shaving initially hurts less, you may be prone to razor burn, which can itch like hell.

Landing strip: You are ready for takeoff and clear for landing. The Landing Strip consists of a long, centered vertical rectangle that resembles an airplane landing strip, leaving a thin strip of hair lining down the front and center of the pubic region. Hair is removed from the sides to achieve this affect, usually by waxing as the results last longer. Popular with women who like a clean look but still enjoy a bit of hair down there. Ouch Factor: Medium/High – Take off may be a bit bumpy, but the results are worth it.

Brazilian: This style became hot a few years ago, and even with its high Ouch Factor, people are still getting it done on a regular basis. Usually performed at a salon (we totally recommend that you do), the Brazilian removes pubic hair from the front all the way around to your butt crack. All that’s left is a small patch of hair centered, narrow stripe above the vulva approximately an inch in size. Ouch Factor: Ay carumba! This one is off the Richter scale, but those who have had it done tell us that it usually gets less painful after time, especially if performed by someone who knows what they’re doing.

The Hollywood: The preferred style of celebrities and porn stars (men and women), the Hollywood style leaves nothing to the imagination. All your pubic hair is removed, either with a lot of wax or shaving. Waxing usually lasts long, but you really have to like pain to go through with it. Ouch Factor: Extremely high. Try having a couple of drinks before trying this one on for size.

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  • Monday
    Mar 8,2010

    Feel like you’re stuck in a rut? Bring your “A” game to the bedroom with some new positions that’ll have ‘em screaming for more! Here’s a list of some new moves to try out during your next tryst:

    Bent Spoon BENEFITS: This rear entry position gives you unlimited access to her chest and neck, and offers less of a penetration angle. HOW-TO: To get started, lie on a bed, with her lying in line on top of you, facing the same way, with her knees bent into her chest as well as arms stretched out (you should be staring at the back of her head). She won’t have much leverage, so you’ll be in charge of the thrusting. Don’t forget to let you hands explore every inch of her body while in motion.

    Forbidden Fruit BENEFIT: An easy twist on a female favorite will have her screaming for more, plus it’s an awesome way to score brownie points. HOW TO: If you’re a man who prides himself on liking to give more than to receive, you’ll want to add this move into your rotation. With the option of performing cunnilingus and/or analingus, she must lie on her front, knees positioned up and out, with a pillow under her stomach, exposing her rear. You kneel behind and between her legs – then just start licking away! ADDED BONUS: Since she can’t see you, she won’t know what’s coming!

    Prison Guard BENEFIT: You’ll be able to go in for easier and deeper penetration. HOW TO: A doggie style position, stand behind your partner and have her bend at the waist so her face reaches her knees (she should remain standing as well). Once she has “assumed the position” pull her arms back gently and “cuff” her wrists with your hands. Feel free to waive her right to remain silent!

    The Butterfly BENEFIT: Easy to do on any piece of furniture. HOW TO: Get her to lie on her back on the edge of bed and plant her feet on the floor. You kneel or stand between her legs to penetrate. Get her to manually stimulate herself for even more pleasure. TIP: If this is uncomfortable for you, kneel on a pillow.

    The Lotus BENEFIT: An intimate position, the Lotus allows you to constantly kiss or whisper naughty thoughts in your partner’s ear. HOW TO: You sit cross-legged on the bed, and have her climb on your lap facing you. She should then wrap her legs around you, while both of your hold on to each other. Finally, start rocking back and forth in a fluid motion for penetration.

    Pearly Gates BENEFITS: Another great way to feel up your date, thanks to full and open chest access. HOW TO: Lie down on your back and have her lie in line on top of you. Both of you should bend you legs at the knee, with her legs outside of yours. Have her stretch out her arms, which allows you to massage and stroke her body. Most of the penetration comes from you, but once you get a steady pace going, her body movements will soon match yours. Then, get ready to shout “hallelujah!”

    Wheel Barrel BENEFIT: Works equally well for vaginal or anal penetration, and sets you up to go deep. HOW TO: Remember the wheel barrel races from when you were a kid? It just got better! Have your partner get down on all fours. Come from behind, pick up her legs and have her support herself with her arms, while holding her legs at your waist. If her arms get tired, have her lay flat on a bed or chair.

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