We asked some of our favorite trysters the coolest or most exotic place they’ve ever had sex was. Here are a few of we just had to share:

The coolest and most dangerous placed I have done the deed was on the back of a horse. A little bumpy but some of us like it like that. — Gary

I had fantastic and fulfilling sex in a ski gondola. The lift ride was approximately 20 minutes. The sex was raw, quick, yet, needed. Talk about après ski. — Hope

It may seem a little weird, but it was in a church in the pastor’s office on a leather couch. God saw all.  – -Angie

At my girlfriend’s work (she works in a doctor’s office). She was the only one there, so we did it on the examination table. I laid her down and stood on the step on the end – the paper was crunching with every stroke. — Aaron

On an airport runway. –John

The coolest place I’ve had sex was in a swimming pool full of people. We were standing along the side of the pool and she hugged me and straddled me and we did it in front of about twenty people. –Steven

I picked a girl up at a funeral and did her in the bathroom after the funeral… thought that was cool at the time. Damn, don’t ladies look so sexy in black? This one had black lace gloves, the works, she was so hot. –Ryan

The wildest place I’ve ever had sex is on the turret of a 5″/54 gun mount on a destroyer in the navy. –David

In the Mayan hotel in Puerto Penasco. It was in the middle of the pool on the rocks with the moon shining on us and security walking around. –Sarah

The coolest/most exciting place I have ever had sex was on a commercial airplane with a stewardess in the galley… while on my return trip from Vietnam in 1969! –Marius

I lost my cherry in a theater projection room while movie theater was packed with people and the movie was playing. –Darrell