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Jun 24,2010

We’re not talking about spin the bottle here. We’re talking about grown-up play time that will take foreplay to new levels of pleasure. Try out a couple of these games on your next tryst and let us know how it goes.

Lights Out: For this game, you’ll need to bring two flashlights to bed and turn out all the lights. Tell your partner to shine a light on the parts of their body that he or she wants you to lick or suck. While you’re licking away, they should shine the flashlight on you so they can see what you’re up to down there in the dark. When it’s your turn, shine your flashlight on spots you’d like them to taste. Finally, once it’s time to get down to business, point the flashlight down south so you don’t miss a second of the penetrating action.

Blind Man in the Buff: You’ll need a scarf, a man’s necktie or a blindfold to play this game. Blindfold your partner and lead them to the bed. Once you’ve got them there, take the time to ravish them slowly.  Since they can’t see what you’re doing to them (or about to do to them), it dramatically increases both sensitivity and psychological vulnerability. Both are powerful aphrodisiacs and together, they can create an explosion!

Naked Twister: A sexy twist on an old favorite. The Kama Sutra of board games, all you need for the naked version is the Twister board and nothing else (and we mean NOTHING!). Spin the wheel and place your hands and feet where the wheel tells you to, making sure not to fall over. And in this version of the game, you can distract your opponent by licking, nuzzling, kissing, and tickling. Last man (or woman) standing wins – who are we kidding, there are no losers in this game.

Truth or Dare?: Here’s another oldie but goodie, and now with an adult twist. To play, all you need is a good imagination and a healthy sexual appetite. A great way to find out a few new things about your partner, Truth or Dare lets you ask all the naughty things you’ve been dreaming about. For dare, ask for a striptease or lap dance, and for truth, a good place to start is sex fantasies and desires. If you don’t want to ask or answer about past sexual escapades, set a rule from the get-go that former flings are off-limits.

Close Shave: All you need are scissors, a brand-new razor and shaving cream – oh, and a steady hand. First, take a hot bath to soften your skin and hair. Second, use scissors to trim the length. Third, lie on the bed or on a table and let the shaving expert foam you up and shave you. It’s scary at first, but relax and let your partner go to work on you. They can shave everything or just neaten you up. Once you’ve shaved, get decorated with the edible treat.

In Tryst we Trust

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  • Thursday
    Jun 17,2010

    Let’s just get this out in the open before we go any further – asking a potential tryst what time their legs open will not get you very far. If you’re looking for idiot-proof ways to break the ice, we’ve got some handy tips to try out.

    Keep your cool and your confidence: First of all, you had the guts to approach or start a conversation with a stranger, so good for you – it’s to your credit that you’re even trying. Try to keep it light, funny and easy. If you’re doing it in person, be aware of your body language, as it says a lot about how relaxed or nervous you are, so stand tall, shoulders back, chest out, hands at your sides, make eye contact and smile.

    Find a line that works: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. You should have two or three great lines as stand-bys. If not, questions are a good fall-back tactic, but keep them low-investment. This will keep the questions from seeming too intimidating to answer. Most important here is that you want to make that other person feel as comfortable as possible, so approach the conversation with the intention that you have something to offer them.

    The most effective pick-up line ever… is a simple “Hi”. Nothing fancy, practiced or artificial, it’s just an opening. From there, introduce yourself, and chances are, they will return the courtesy. Just remember KISS: Keep it simple, stupid. “Hi, my name is…” is a great conversation starter because it’s genuine and straight to the point. There are no pick up lines here, just one person who wants to make a connection with another. Sometimes just saying “hello” or “what’s up?” is the best way to break the ice. If they don’t return the pleasantries, you’ve got a pretty clear indication that it’s not going anywhere. Which brings us to…

    Know when to fold them: You can tell when it’s not going your way. If, after two or three of your funny lines, that person’s eyes glaze over and they yawn, it’s time to exit, stage right. If they are not helping you out with positive encouragement either verbally or with body language, it’s time to say, “Nice meeting you” and walk away. On to the next one!

    In Tryst we Trust

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  • Thursday
    Jun 10,2010

    We’re not talking about urban legends like the one about the dog that licks peanut butter off your naughty bits – there are a lot of sex myths floating around out there. It’s important to know what’s true and what’s false before you tryst, so we wanted to take the time to clear up a few of the biggies.

    Men want sex more than women: Huge myth! Fact is, the ladies like it just as much. It’s just that women tend to be thinking about other things, like how tired they are after a day of work and cleaning the house. Add to all that is the fact that hormones play a big role in how much they want to get it on – like during certain times of the month, rather than all of the time. Plus, since women attach more emotions to sex, they aren’t going to beg for action if he’s been acting like a dink.

    If you’re happy and you know it, you must be having sex: It’s a popular misconception that happy couples must be having good sex most of the time. It’s hard to find a couple who have been together for a long period of time that is still having raw, uncaged sex every single night for years and years. Anyone who claims to be having constantly mind-blowing sex after being married with kids for 10 years may be telling the truth – but chances are they’re going at it with someone other than their spouse.

    Men are more promiscuous than women: Okay, so there’s a kernel of truth behind this one, but the truth is, it’s much less than you think. When polled about their sex lives, men overestimate while women underestimate, due to societal pressures. You also have to factor in how attractive the people in question are. An attractive and sexually motivated woman is likely to have had more partners than a not-so-great-looking guy around the same age. It’s all about opportunity.

    Women don’t like porn or dirty sex. A flat out myth! Every woman is different, but there are more than a few who just want to be thrown on the bed for a raunchy romp – no rose petals on the bed or sweet talk needed. So rest assured that men aren’t the only ones dreaming of dirty, dirty sex.

    Men are always ready for and want sex. Unless you’re a 17-year-old who’s just landed his first girlfriend, you don’t fall into this category. Once a man hits his mid-20s, other parts of his life start to become equally as important as sex, and that means energy and focus is needed elsewhere. Real life dampens a lot of men’s sex drive – work, stress, pressure, bills and arguments. It’ll put a kibosh on the friskiest of men.

    In Tryst we Trust

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