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Jul 27,2010

Being eco-friendly doesn’t mean hairy legs, not showering and growing massively long dreadlocks – not necessarily sexy. We’ve come up with a list of reasons why going Green is sexy and can help you pick up a few Trysts while you’re at it!

1. Baby, I want to save the planet for you: By becoming passionate and knowledgeable about a good cause, especially one such as as saving the earth, you’re proving to others (read: someone you’re trying to impress) that you care for others and think outside of yourself. Being sensitive to the environment has never been hotter (no Global Warming pun intended), and a Google search will bring up pages and pages of articles to get you well versed on the subject. Besides, who doesn’t love the dolphins (just look at Heroes hottie Hayden Panettiere – imagine getting arrested and sharing a jail cell with her. Cue porn music.)

2. Clothing makes the man: Go Eco Chic! These days, going Green has never looked so good. You can get jeans that use environmentally dyeing and recycling techniques (UJeans:, shirts made from recycled polyester (we love the ones from Mountain Equipment Co.: and sexy lingerie made from organic cotton and soy (take a look at Eros & Isis delectable delicates: Even your local mall’s popular retail outlets carry a great selection of clothes that are made from or produced using eco approved practices. Added bonus: it means getting into your pants makes your partner an environmentalist too!

3.Eating better=looking better: Eat organic produce and meats and the benefits will shine through. Without all those added chemicals, your skin will brighten and the toxins will start to leave your body, giving you more energy to spend on activities you enjoy (you won’t list them here, but most of them take place in the bedroom). The effects will be cumulative – the better you feel, the more you’ll want to take care of your temple, on the inside and out. And while beauty may be skin deep, we all know what a pretty package can do!

4. Electric vehicles generate vehicles physical electricity too: Plug it in and get turned on. Have you ever gotten it on in electric car? Well then, that’s reason enough to buy one! It seems like there’s a new electric vehicle coming out every day – cars, trucks and motorcycles. On a serious note, with all the money you’re saving on fuel costs, that leaves some extra spending money for dates, going out and looking good.

5. Save energy by turning out the lights: This one is a no-brainer. But just in case you need a more detailed explanation, please follow these steps: 1) Turn off the lights. 2) Get busy. 3) Rinse, lather, repeat. The benefits of turning off the lights and leaving them off are twofold – first is the “getting some” factor, and the second is the money you save on your hydro bill. It feels so good to do your part for MotherEarth, doesn’t it?

6. Leonardo Dicaprio – He dates supermodels and does his part to save the earth. Coincidence? We think not.

In Tryst we Trust

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  • Monday
    Jul 19,2010

    Looking for lust in all the wrong places?  We’ve compiled a list of the top 5 pick-up spots where you could meet your next tryst!

    1.   Online: Just a few short years ago, nobody would ever say they met a date over the Internet (even though we were all doing it!). Today, and especially in these trying economic times, online dating is the fiscally responsible choice and the #1 spot for meeting people. Even if you’re looking for something a little more risqué than your run-of-the-mill dating site, an adult dating community is just what the doctor ordered.

    2.   Work: This may not fly in a smaller company, but larger ones are a hot bed of sexy activity just waiting to happen. These companies often feature a variety of departments you never interact with. Try taking your break or lunch at a different time than normal, as there’s usually a rotating group of new faces. Go for a walk outside – there’s also great potential from other companies located close to yours, all outdoors enjoying the good weather. And if things don’t work out with your coworker, don’t worry – since the company is large, there’s a good chance you won’t see them that often.

    3.    Sporting Activities: Forget the gym – smart trysters are dropping the dumbbells and joining a sports-related group. There are so many to choose from – Learn to Run clinics, beach volleyball, ultimate Frisbee – so you’ll find one that speaks to your skill level. An added bonus is the other members of your team or league are fairly fit, have lots of energy, and most important of all, have plenty of stamina to keep going and going and going… all night long!

    4.    Grocery store: Hey, everyone’s gotta eat. That’s why your local grocery store is a great place to pick up. But be forewarned – the “nice melons” pick-up line doesn’t work anymore (Wait… did it ever work?). If you see someone you like, start a conversation about food – what wine goes with what main course, have they tried a certain food product, or point at something in their cart and ask what aisle they got it from because you’ve always wanted to try it.

    5.    Volunteer: Exposing your sensitive side is sometimes the quickest way to get someone to expose their private parts. Sign up to feed the kittens or walk the dogs at your community pet shelter, join a cleaning crew to pick up litter or spend a Thanksgiving packing or serving food to the homeless. While you’re knee deep in philanthropic duties, there’s no better time to bring up the “tragic plight of the so-and-so cause,” which can lead you to donate your sexy charitable services at their place. Added bonus: Tout your mad humanitarian skills at parties, gatherings and other social functions to earn the sensitive vote that always pays off in the bedroom.

    In Tryst We Trust

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  • Worst Trysts Ever!

    Jul 13,2010

    Everybody has a worst date story. Here are some that made us laugh out loud – although we’re sure that when they happened to these Trysters, they weren’t laughing.

    My worse date was with a guy who after each bite of his food would belch or “mmmmm” to either make room for more or show his dislike for the food!  The worst thing was we were in a high-end restaurant and I wanted to crawl under the carpet… to hell with just crawling under the table! –Sandra

    The worst date I ever had was with this guy was so eager to meet me he came after work in his dirty work clothes and was so excited to get here, he forgot his dentures  and was 8 hrs early!  When I went to meet him for an early morning coffee (he woke me at 6 am and wanted to meet for coffee) I went without makeup or a shower.  When I got there, I found out he was 3-inches shorter than he said he was! We never spoke again.  — Leanne

    I had been over to a gal pal’s house and I had a major crush on her. We were getting pretty friendly but for some reason I had to go home.  I was pretty sure I could have nailed her that night too – my bad. So we were pretty hot the next week.  I picked her up after dark one night and figured we’d be screwing in 5 minutes. Suddenly, she rolled the window down and began to puke. She puked enough for 3 people, as a matter of fact. She then was feverish and I took her home. She was sick, I was not longer interested, I didn’t get laid, and my car and clothes stunk. — Tim

    Man!!! The worst date (or maybe best date) I ever had was when this girl and I (we were 19 years old at the time) ended up really drunk on this huge bed. Well one thing let to another, and the next thing I know I’m pounding her doggie-style. Then I looked around while in the midst of the action, and noticed some guns in their holsters hanging on the bed mantle. Come on – what are you supposed to think when you’re pounding a 19 year old doggie-style on a huge bed? I know what I was thinking; and it wasn’t thoughts of whose bed this really was. Later, I found out it was her daddy’s bed, and at the moment of realization, a big tan truck pulled up in the drive way and she totally FREAKED in a bad way. I didn’t even ask who it might be, I just got up and started running for my life. Well, I don’t know about you, but trying to run for your life and being totally plastered at the same time just don’t work! I must have ran into every piece of furniture in the house at full speed, and finally busted down this glass sliding door trying to get far from that house. I woke up that afternoon in my bed naked and bleeding, with broken glass lodged all over my body. I’m glad to say that I’ve been sober coming on 5 years in May. — Allen

    When this guy picked me up for our date, I told him that I was hungry.  He pulled up to McDonald and parked. I waited a few seconds and then got out of the car to pay for my own food when it was clear he wasn’t going to. I told him that I could walk home – I needed to calm down. — Amy

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  • Monday
    Jul 5,2010

    We’re proud of our Trysters – you’ve had sex in some pretty outlandish locations. Some of you were kind enough to send us the coolest and most exotic places you’ve had a tryst, and we decided to share them with everyone! The names have been changed to protect the horny.

    In a stalled elevator stuck for an hour, there was nothing better to do with these two women. It was their 1st girl-on-girl experience. They were both 50’s, we laughed and meet later that evening… and a couple more times after that. — Tom

    On top of my house, I was a little adventurous and decided to bring a sleeping bag to the roof to look at the stars. I laid it out, along with the girlfriend, and had sex from 12:15am to 2:30am, not caring how much noise was made. The next day my neighbor asked me how my night was, I said it was out of this world, and he smiled (I think he knew). –Doug

    My lover at the time and I were walking by a set of outdoor handball courts in Coalinga. She suggested that we “have a little fun.” We slipped into the farthest one, laid our clothes on the cement floor, and began the loving. –Frank

    In the men’s dormitory (separated by a rice-paper screen from my Math teacher and his wife, our chaperons), and then in the Tatami mat storage room, in the monastery in Nara National Park of Japan during a ShipSchool Association tour in 1970. –Tim

    Under the boardwalk, Asbury Park, N.J., with people walking over head. No, we did not get caught. –Sarah

    On my boss’s desk with his wife while he was out of state on business. –Ryan

    My wife and I had sex on a pool table once. It was great, especially since we shouldn’t have been on a table in a public place – nobody came in, however. –Steven

    The coolest place I’ve had sex was in a swimming pool full of people. We were standing along the side of the pool and she hugged me and straddled me and we did it in front of about 20 people. –Alex

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