Everybody has a worst date story. Here are some that made us laugh out loud – although we’re sure that when they happened to these Trysters, they weren’t laughing.

My worse date was with a guy who after each bite of his food would belch or “mmmmm” to either make room for more or show his dislike for the food!  The worst thing was we were in a high-end restaurant and I wanted to crawl under the carpet… to hell with just crawling under the table! –Sandra

The worst date I ever had was with this guy was so eager to meet me he came after work in his dirty work clothes and was so excited to get here, he forgot his dentures  and was 8 hrs early!  When I went to meet him for an early morning coffee (he woke me at 6 am and wanted to meet for coffee) I went without makeup or a shower.  When I got there, I found out he was 3-inches shorter than he said he was! We never spoke again.  — Leanne

I had been over to a gal pal’s house and I had a major crush on her. We were getting pretty friendly but for some reason I had to go home.  I was pretty sure I could have nailed her that night too – my bad. So we were pretty hot the next week.  I picked her up after dark one night and figured we’d be screwing in 5 minutes. Suddenly, she rolled the window down and began to puke. She puked enough for 3 people, as a matter of fact. She then was feverish and I took her home. She was sick, I was not longer interested, I didn’t get laid, and my car and clothes stunk. — Tim

Man!!! The worst date (or maybe best date) I ever had was when this girl and I (we were 19 years old at the time) ended up really drunk on this huge bed. Well one thing let to another, and the next thing I know I’m pounding her doggie-style. Then I looked around while in the midst of the action, and noticed some guns in their holsters hanging on the bed mantle. Come on – what are you supposed to think when you’re pounding a 19 year old doggie-style on a huge bed? I know what I was thinking; and it wasn’t thoughts of whose bed this really was. Later, I found out it was her daddy’s bed, and at the moment of realization, a big tan truck pulled up in the drive way and she totally FREAKED in a bad way. I didn’t even ask who it might be, I just got up and started running for my life. Well, I don’t know about you, but trying to run for your life and being totally plastered at the same time just don’t work! I must have ran into every piece of furniture in the house at full speed, and finally busted down this glass sliding door trying to get far from that house. I woke up that afternoon in my bed naked and bleeding, with broken glass lodged all over my body. I’m glad to say that I’ve been sober coming on 5 years in May. — Allen

When this guy picked me up for our date, I told him that I was hungry.  He pulled up to McDonald and parked. I waited a few seconds and then got out of the car to pay for my own food when it was clear he wasn’t going to. I told him that I could walk home – I needed to calm down. — Amy