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Outdoor Trysts

Aug 18,2010

The summer is fading quickly, so get out there and make the most of what’s left of it. The best way to do that is to take your tryst outside for some au natural fun. Here are our top 5 picks on how to tryst in the great outdoors.

The Backyard: It’s your home turf and it offers all the wonders of the outdoors while still giving you a little privacy. Just hide behind the hedge or fence, and extra points if you use the swing set in your activities. Try this position: reverse cowgirl Guys – sit on a lounge or lawn chair with your legs outstretched. Girls – straddle him so you’re facing his feet. Put your hands on his thighs and firmly plant your feet on the ground on either side of the chair. You can also have him recline so he’s lying down, giving you even deeper penetration.

Beach Party: The sea air can do wonders for your sex life. The sand, the surf and the easy access thanks to the bikini can be seductive. Look for a secluded spot shielded by rocks, and spread out a towel or blanket because you don’t want sand sticking to your nether regions. Try this position: girl on top Straddle him and dig your knees slightly into the blanket-covered sand. Rather than move up and down, stay close together and rub your clitoris against his pubic bone. When you sense that he’s on the brink of climax, switch to a figure-eight motion.

Wet and Wild in the Water: Getting it on in the water can be pretty wild. But remember, water can wash away your own lubrication, so use a silicone-based lube. Try this position: standing up Wrap your legs around his waist (if you’re in the shower, have him lean you up against the wall for support) and push your swimsuit bottom to the side for easy access. Then throw your arms around his neck while he grabs your butt to control the pace.

Sex Ahoy! Get it on it a small boat – there’s nothing more intimate than having sex in the middle of a large stretch of water out in the middle of nowhere. Try this position: spooning Lie on your back while he lies on his side facing you. Put your leg (the one closest to him) across his thighs and turn so your butt faces him while he enters you from behind. Move slowly and rhythmically together so you don’t rock the boat.

Out in the woods: While you’re out hiking or mountain biking, stop and work up a different kind of sweat. Try this position: doggy style Lean on a big rock or a tree for support while he enters you from behind. His hands can stroke your other hot spots, and you can arch your back for deeper penetration.

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  • Romancing the Tryst

    Aug 10,2010

    It’s the little things that count, even when it comes to trysting. Small, romantic gestures will get her attention. Even if you think it’s corny, try your hand at romance – it will come back around (usually in the bedroom). Try these tips and your trysting activities will increase (trust us!)

    Prepare her favorite meal: A man who knows his way around the kitchen is sexy – ask any woman. Find out what her favorite meal is and surprise her with it – you’ll be guaranteed to get a “good for one tryst” pass. Follow up the meal with her favorite coffee, drink or desert if you want to go the extra mile.

    Write a hand-written letter: Sure, email and text has revolutionized the way we communicate, but nothing says romance like a love letter. Slip a hand-written note in the mail or under her door, and add some sexy narratives to it. It can be a love letter, an erotic fantasy, anything you want. You get extra points for using actual stationary or a note card.

    Bring her a token present: Girls love getting gifts – especially ones for no reason. It doesn’t matter if they’re expensive or not – they just have to be thoughtful. So it can’t be a teddy bear, it needs to mean something to her. It could be something as simple as something she needs, like a flat iron or soap.

    Dance with her: You can move your body in bed, but sometimes it’s ok to show her how you move your money maker. You don’t have to be out at the club – take her for a spin in the living room, on the street, pretty much anywhere spontaneous. All you need is some nice music and no one else in the general vicinity.

    Give her a flower: This is another little gesture you can pull out of your hat for no occasion at all. Plus, it only has to be one flower, just make sure it’s original, like an orchid or a sunflower. Please note that dandelions and other weeds, as well as plastic flowers, won’t do in a pinch.

    Pamper her: Women love to be pampered (just look at all the spas out there). After a long day, surprise her with a bubble bath, candles and chocolate-covered strawberries waiting tub-side. As she soaks, hop in and give her a massage. Finish it off by toweling her off and treating her to some hot oral sex. This one can’t fail.

    In Tryst we Trust

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  • Great Trysts in History

    Aug 4,2010

    Trysting isn’t a modern phenomenon. People have been doing it for centuries. We’ve compiled a list of famous historical trysts – some recent, some ancient – that have stood the test of time and have become inspiration to us all.

    Mark Antony and Cleopatra: The queen of Egypt, Cleopatra was the mistress of Julius Caesar, king of Rome, until his assassination in 44 B.C.E. After his untimely death, she hooked her chariot to Antony, who was married to Gaius Octavian’s (Caesar’s grandnephew) sister. Octiavian declared war on the two lovers, and while in battle, Antony received a false report that Cleopatra had committed suicide. Overcome with grief, he stabbed himself in the abdomen with a sword into and died.  When she was taken prisoner, Cleopatra smuggled a poisonous snake into her cell, and it delivered a fatal strike to her breast. She was buried next to Antony, so they could lie together for an eternity.

    Henry Miller and Anais Nin: The two writers met in Paris in the 1930, while both were married to different people. The tryst lasted years and became the subject of Nin’s famous journals, as well as a movie, Henry and June. Her diaries, which filled a multitude of volumes, document social engagements, their love affair and a love affair with Miller’s wife, June. The passionate love affair turned into a friendship as they grew older, and both remarried (Nin was actually married to two men at the same time!).

    Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles: Things started off innocently enough for the two young lovers, who started dating in 1970. Camilla reportedly made the first move by saying “My great-grandmother was your great-great-grandfather’s mistress, so how about it?” The pair broke up and married others, but the flame was still strong between the pair. Their affair was finally discovered after phone conversations went public (you know, the famous “tampon” comment), and they kept their relationship under wraps until around 1999. They finally tied the knot in 2005, ending a tryst fit for a king.

    Henry VII and Anne Boleyn: The randy king of England had a wandering eye – not so uncommon within the monarchy, but it is when you want to divorce the queen to marry your mistress. Distraught that his own wife, Queen Catherine, couldn’t produce a male heir, Henry became fixated on getting a divorce and marrying a much-younger, child-bearing woman. Henry finally got an annulment from his first marriage and married Anne – however, when she failed to produce a son for him, he had her executed for adultery and incest. He went on to marry four more times, and in the end, his only son died young.

    Napoleon and Josephine: Napoleon Bonaparte was captivated the moment he saw Josephine, a charming and beautiful Paris socialite – but wasn’t immediately successful. He was short, unkempt and rather homely looking – not really her type. Josephine eventually had a change of heart, and the two were married in 1796. Shortly after their wedding, Napoleon embarked on a series of military campaigns, while Josephine embarked on her own series of adulterous affairs. Later, he became focused on having a son to carry on his royal lineage. But he eventually came to the conclusion that Josephine was unable to conceive, and the couple divorced in 1809.

    In Tryst We Trust

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