It’s happened to the best of us. You get dumped by your Tryst other and it seemed to come out of nowhere. So what do you do now? We’ve come up with some tips that will help you get over the hump and will get you back to humping others in no time at all!

Erase Their Number From Your Mobile Phone. First things first. Just so you won’t get tempted to send a nasty or begging text message, delete your Tryst’s name and number from your mobile phone right away. Deleting it will save you phoning or texting at 4 am to ask why you were dumped, or drunk dials, begging to take you back. Besides, no one likes being bombarded by text messages from someone that just doesn’t seem to get the hint.

Stop Obsessing About What Went Wrong: This is a downfall of many people. But you’ve got to face facts:  many break-ups don’t have a specific cause. It’s ok to reflect on what you could have done differently, but it’s not helpful to dwell. Instead, try to live in the moment and think about how great your next tryst is going to be.

Spoil Yourself : Great for both guys and girls, it could be as simple as a day at the spa or that new gadget you’ve been eyeing. You can also benefit from picking up some new clothes that make you feel sexy. Basically, you should treat yourself as you would want that someone special to treat you. You’re worth it.

Get Off The Sofa Now. While some regrouping time is necessary, at some point you should try to get in yourself back in shape and back in the land of the living. If you’ve put on weight, then it’s time to lose it. Start eating right and treating your body with the respect it deserves – it’s not the one who dumped you! Go running, walking, biking or to the gym to get the endorphins swimming through you.

Remember Your Ex Trysts’s Flaws: And trust us when we say that they have plenty of them. It’s easy to get teary-eyed thinking about all of the “great” things about them, but what about your ex’s not-so-great qualities? Remind yourself just how annoying, boring or insensitive your ex-tryst could be, and you’ll be on your way to recovery.

Take Charge Of Your Life: Now’s the time to start focusing on yourself and your goals.Do all the things you’ve always wanted to try, like salsa dancing or rock climbing. Pick up a new hobby , buy a motorcycle, travel the world, retrain for a new career or go for that promotion. The world is your oyster!

Don’t Listen To The Negative Self-Talk : When we get dumped, we tend to  negative “self talk” and to worry about so many things: if we will ever be loved again, have sex again, trust again or perhaps we worry we are too old, too fat, too dumb or too anything…to ever be happy and fulfilled again. That is highly unlikely, so relax! Dispel thoughts like that immediately and replace them with positive affirmations of your own self worth.

In Tryst We Trust