A little short on cash this week but want to impress that special someone? You don’t have to spend a lot of cash to impress your Tryst. Here are a few ideas to try out when you’re low on dough on tryst night.

Go for a coffee: A cup of joe for two will only run you a couple of bucks. Try to stay away from the fast food coffee chains. Instead, head to your neighborhood cafe for a local brew or latte. If you’re lucky, they may even offer free refills, and since you’re going to be up all night hopped up on caffeine, we’re sure you can think of other things to do to occupy your time.

Take her for ice cream: A little summer treat will go a long way. Everyone loves ice cream, so buy her a scoop and go for a little romantic walk. The price of this date is minimal, but it will go a long way with impressing her. For an extra dime, you can let her get sprinkles on her favorite flavor.

A game of pool: Take her for an hour or two at your local pool hall. If you forgo the drinks and appetizers, all you need to shell out for is the table. Depending on where you go, it will only cost you $10-$20. And if she doesn’t know how to play, even better – it gives you a chance to wrap your arms around her and guide her stick properly.

Rent a movie: Head to the nearest Blockbuster with your date, and instead of going straight for the new releases, make your way to the shelves that feature the older DVDs. It’s a great way to bond too – you can both fondly remember your favorite movies from the ‘80s and rent them for old time’s sake. And since you’ve seen the movie before (even if it’s been awhile), you won’t feel bad if you miss some of it while taking advantage of some prime make-out time.

Head to the park: Release your inner child and take your tryst to the playground. Show her your playful side as you race down the slide. Or unleash your inner romantic as you push her on the swing. This date costs no money at all, but it will stick out in her mind as one of the most fun ones she’s ever been on.

Pack a picnic: Chances are, your date loves a romantic picnic – but has never been on one. Be her first. You don’t need a basket – just pack everything you’ll need in a backpack, such as glasses, plates, cutlery, condiments, a blanket and a home-cooked meal. If you can splurge, bring along an affordably priced bottle of wine. Once the meal has been eaten and the dishes put away, we’re sure you can find other uses for the blanket.

In Tryst We Trust