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Dec 22,2010

Don’t believe everything you hear! We’re not talking about urban legends like the one about the dog that licks peanut butter off your naughty bits – there are a lot of sex myths floating around out there. It’s important to know what’s true and what’s false, so we wanted to take the time to clear up a few of the biggies.

Men want sex more than women: Huge myth! Fact is, the ladies like it just as much. It’s just that women tend to be thinking about other things, like how tired they are after a day of work and cleaning the house. Add to all that is the fact that hormones play a big role in how much they want to get it on – like during certain times of the month, rather than all of the time. Plus, since women attach more emotions to sex, they aren’t going to beg for action if he’s been acting like a dink.

If you’re happy and you know it, you must be having sex: It’s a popular misconception that happy couples must be having good sex most of the time. It’s hard to find a couple who have been together for a long period of time that is still having raw, uncaged sex every single night for years and years. Anyone who claims to be having constantly mind-blowing sex after being married with kids for 10 years may be telling the truth – but chances are they’re going at it with someone other than their spouse.

Men are more promiscuous than women: Okay, so there’s a kernel of truth behind this one, but the truth is, it’s much less than you think. When polled about their sex lives, men overestimate while women underestimate, due to societal pressures. You also have to factor in how attractive the people in question are. An attractive and sexually motivated woman is likely to have had more partners than a not-so-great-looking guy around the same age. It’s all about opportunity.

Women don’t like porn or dirty sex. A flat out myth! Every woman is different, but there are more than a few who just want to be thrown on the bed for a raunchy romp – no rose petals on the bed or sweet talk needed. So rest assured that men aren’t the only ones dreaming of dirty, dirty sex.

Men are always ready for and want sex. Unless you’re a 17-year-old who’s just landed his first girlfriend, you don’t fall into this category. Once a man hits his mid-20s, other parts of his life start to become equally as important as sex, and that means energy and focus is needed elsewhere. Real life dampens a lot of men’s sex drive – work, stress, pressure, bills and arguments. It’ll put a kibosh on the friskiest of men.

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  • Thursday
    Dec 9,2010

    Knowing how to give an amazing erotic massage is like holding the fabled “golden ticket.” Once you have the skill mastered, you’re pretty much guaranteed entry into the most tantalizing venues! We’ve put together some steps on how you can rub your way into someone’s pants.

    1.       Set the mood. The ambience is just as important as the massage itself. Get your partner into the mood with some soft lighting, comfortable room temperature and an inviting, intimate space. Bring some aromas-filled candles to introduce relaxing, sensual smells into the room. Some great ones to try out include lavender, jasmine, orange and Ylang Ylang. And get your iPod into the action – create a sensual playlist that helps set and carry the mood, but make sure it’s long enough – you don’t want it to end before you’re finished.

    2.       Be prepared. Have an arsenal of erotic tools at your disposal. One of musts to have is  body oil or massage cream. They come in a range of scented and non-scented brands and can be found at your local drug store. For a soft touch, use soft feathers to gently tickle their back, or heat things up with heated stones. If you work up an appetite, use some  chocolate syrup and whipped cream to lick off your partner’s body

    3.       Start slowly. There’s no need to rush through it, especially at the beginning.  It’s important to be sensitive to your partner’s response and adapt your technique accordingly. Before you start, rub some massage oil or cream in your hands to get it warm, and then go to work.

    4.       Where to start? There is no wrong place to begin. You can start at the feet and move up, or start at the head and work your way down.  A safe place to start is at the back, beginning with the shoulders, then to the neck, moving down to the arms, upper back, lower back, buttocks, thighs, calves, and then feet. Once you’ve finished on one side, have them flip over and work your way back up. Some areas are better massaged softly, while others get more benefit from a deep massage. Once the muscles are warmed up, apply more pressure by kneading the large muscles with the heel of your hand and the entire palm.

    5.       How to use your hands. Keep in mind there is no right or wrong way. Our “hand’s on” research has shown that you should rubs your finger tips softly in softer and more sensitive areas. Your full hand and thumbs are greats on large muscle areas like the outer thighs and shoulders. If you are ever unsure, start softly and progressively massage deeper carefully monitoring your partner’s breathing.

    6.       Take it up a notch. Things are going to get hot – and fast!  It will be hard to hold off once things start heating up, but don’t rush. Hint at and increasingly caress your partner in a sensual manner, but make them wait for it. After rubbing down the more conventional areas of their body, move to their more “sensitive areas.”  Once you move on to the action portion of the evening, try to massage your partner throughout.

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