We asked our favorite Trysters what was the most outrageous thing they have said or done to get into someone’s pants. Here are a few gems:

The most outrageous thing I’ve ever done to get into someone’s pants was when I asked my girlfriend’s mother if she would take a naked picture of me so I could give it to her daughter, as a funny Christmas gift that I`m sure would surprise her. Her mother happily agreed and was excited to have a chance to see me naked – in fact she even offered to fluff me before we took the pictures. Once her daughter opened her gift on Christmas morning and saw that the photo was taken in their living room she couldn’t wait to invite me over for dinner that night. After dinner she took me to her bedroom and attacked me, in a really good way! –Tedd

I streaked a girls hair, gave her a manicure and pedicure and a massage, but it back fired and the girl was too relaxed. After five minutes she went to sleep – least that’s what I hope was the reason… –Frank

I had a girl jokingly tell me that anything short of stripping down naked and streaking for a mile would just be lazy, cheap, and unworthy attempt by me for sex. To her surprise I immediately agreed to those terms. To make sure I actually completed the jog, instead of running around the corner and hiding in a bush for ten minutes, she drove her car next to me until she had clocked a mile on her odometer. We agreed that after a mile I could jump in the car and she would drive me back. She thought it would be funnier to see how far I could go instead of telling me when the mile was finished. She let me run two and a half miles before filling me in on her joke. I had to catch my breath, rest for an hour, and take a shower first but the sex was worth it. –Justin

I introduced myself to a sleek redhead in LaJolla, CA and wanted her to have lunch with me. She said she had to go to work, and when I asked where, she mentioned a timeshare sales office near where we were. I found it on my own, talked myself into the meeting, and listened to the presentation. She came out with other salespeople, saw me, and we did a “how about that coincidence” chat. I bought a one week condo on condition that she would take me to dinner… she said ok, and she was one of the sexiest women I’ve been to bed with. The next day she said she was married, so that was that. — Victor

I taught her how to drive a tractor-trailer, over-the-road, coast-to-coast semi. It worked! Of course this was before I was happily married. Now she is an accomplished semi driver! –Chris

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