How can you keep your marriage strong? You can try having a tryst! We know, you may be scratching you head over that one, but it’s true. Here are a few reasons why having a tryst can actually save your relationship.

Helps you be a better partner: For some people, having a tryst helps them be a better partner.  You may be going through a rough patch in your marriage or you are sexually frustrated, and finding another outlet can help. Many people have saved their relationship because they are allowed to tryst, and if they hadn’t, the relationship may have ended.

Same old, same old: Just because you want to taste roast beef every once in awhile, it doesn’t mean that you want to give up hamburgers. The same goes for long-term relationships and quick trysts. Sure, you’re having the same sex that you’ve had for years, but you want to try someone different occasionally to truly appreciate what you have waiting for you in the bedroom.

No sex at all: You love your partner, but they’ve decided they don’t want to sex. Otherwise, your relationship is great. You don’t want to break up the home or the finances to get a little something, something on the side. A tryst now and again will satisfy those urges without having to get a costly divorce. Now you’ve got everything you need, just from two different places.

We’re on a break: Ross had it right when he had a tryst with the girl from the copy shop while he and Rachel were on a break (and in the end, they still ended up together). If you’ve broken up with someone or had a fight, sometimes it’s good to get things of your chest (and your loins). A tryst can help you work out the feelings of anger, and you go back to your partner with a clear and level head.

Open and honest: People who enjoy an open relationship are open and honest with each other. Their trysts allow them to be who they really are without trying to hide or cover it up. By sleeping with other people, they can stay true to themselves as well as being in a committed relationship. Yes, they truly have the best of both worlds!

In Tryst We Trust