Having an affair is a risky proposition. Before you decide to take such a step you should consider the potential ramifications and decide if you are willing to run the risk. Assuming you are willing to take the risk of setting up a tryst we have some advice on how to mitigate it.

 Step 1 – Secret Email

Hotmail, Yahoo and Gmail all give you free, easy ways of creating a way to communicate clandestinely. Use them to sign up to discreet dating sites and for all communications between yourself and your potential tryst partner(s).

Step 2 – Anonymous Phone number

There are many services that will setup a new, anonymous phone number that connects to your regular cell number. Any incoming and outgoing calls through this number will be disguised and won’t leave a trail.

Step 3 – Discreet Dating

Many dating sites out there cater to the already attached crowd. Use your new secret email to sign up and find potential partners who are looking for a secret tryst as well.

Step 4 – Delete your history

Make sure you routinely delete your browser history and remove all potentially incriminating emails from your secret email account. Many browsers offer plugins which can do this automatically for you.

Step 5 – Keep your mouth shut

Loose lips sink ships. Do not tell anyone, friends, coworkers etc. about your plans to have an affair.

Step 6 – Gift Credit Cards

Debit and Credit card transactions leave a trail. Use cash to purchase Gift credit cards and use these for all expenses related to your trysting activities, even your membership to that discreet dating site.

Keep in mind that having an affair will not be quite as fun as you probably imagined. The stress of hiding your activities and the guilt you may or may not feel will have an effect on both your current relationship and the tryst itself. Continuously reassess your reasons for having an affair and determine if it is worth the risk to continue.