First, some online dating facts:

  1. 1 in 10 Americans have used an online dating site
  2. 66% of them have gone on a date with someone they met online
  3. 23% of them have met a long term partner through a dating site or dating app

Given this data it is inevitable that celebrities are flirting online too, even when they are already in a relationship!

Below are just some of the celebrities who have admitted to looking for some online fun.


British Singer Lily Allen:

Lily recently revealed that she signed up for the dating app Tinder through a post on Twitter. Apparently the happily married mother of two was looking for some discreet fun online.

Actress Lindsay Lohan:

Apparently Lindsay has been enjoying Tinder’s mobile dating app for more than a year and while browsing the Hollywood listings she ran across her brother. Awkward.

Singer Adele:

Adele has admitted to being a former eHarmony dater. Being somewhat famous, she says she couldn’t upload a photo to her dating profile which severely limited the number of contacts she received.

Actress Halle Berry:

The former Bond girl admits to frequenting dating chat rooms prior to meeting her current husband, Olivier Martinez. Berry confesses that she never used her real name which of course leads us to wonder if she ever ran across someone else using her name?

Comedienne Joan Rivers:

Yes, the older generation uses dating websites too! Joan Rivers favored and apparently a clothed George Clooney over a naked Brad Pitt.

Comedienne Chelsea Handler:

The talk show host has boldly stated that she would use a casual dating or hookup site to find anonymous fun online. Apparently Chelsea is just looking for sexy trysts with regular men on the street. Go Chelsea!

Chat Show Host Ricki Lake:

Lake reveals that she almost married a British man she met online who was only looking for a green card. Yep, even celebrities need to be careful while dating online!


Remember that dating profile with the picture of Jennifer Aniston you simply breezed past last week? You may want to go back and read more carefully!