With Jay Z and Beyonce’s relationship on the rocks, after their first co-headlined tour, On The Run, this power couple is said to divorce.

Like any other massively famous couple, they strived to stave off infidelity and unhappiness. The long-standing Jay Z and Rihanna cheating rumors are the last straw for B. Over the years, there have been reports of Jay Z and Rihanna having romantic dinners in private rooms or restaurants, and going into hotels together. While these things can be dismissed as rumors, and it could very well be two close people meeting for private dinner, there’s always the potentially destructive questions that start with “What if—?” Perhaps it was the sheer number of reports taking a toll on the Carter family. Who knows?

For those of you wondering what’s at stake: Well, this power couple is often referred to the king and queen of hip-hop, but let’s face it, they’re pretty much the king and queen of music at the moment. In terms of numbers, their net worth as a couple is officially $1 billion dollars with Beyonce at $450 million and Jay Z at $560 million as of June 2014.

Amidst all the reports of divorce, there has been an onslaught of adorable family photos posted on Beyonce’s Instagram. The message? The Carters are a united front. Perhaps this is why there have been talks of the duo trying to file for separation instead of a divorce. Does it really matter? We just want them to get back together.