The holidays are for spending time with family. So, land yourself a lonely housewife this holiday season, and show them how family orientated you are. Ring in the new year with a bang, if you know what I mean 😉

Lonely housewives are often lonely because their problems and concerns are different from the majority of people who work and have timelines to worry about. Often their days blend from one day to the next, because they don’t have the rise and fall of Monday to Friday living. People often fantasize about the how much they could do or not do, if they didn’t have a job. For lonely housewives, this is a reality, but it can start to feel monotonous, and their problems and concerns often get dismissed or swept under the rug. So, what’s your game plan for hooking up with a lonely housewife or mom?


Listen to them

This might sound like a no-brainer, but lonely housewives are lonely for a reason; they are not getting enough attention. If their problems are getting swept under the rug, then you can really win some brownie points by taking the time to listen to their problems. It will make them feel important and cared for.


Excite them

Take them to a new restaurant in town or show them a movie they haven’t seen before. This will help break the monotony of everyday life. Again, not a new idea, but it’s even more important for housewives who function on a different schedule with self-imposed timelines. It will be exciting for them to go on the date their husbands don’t take them on.