Now that the hustle and bustle of the holidays are over, it’s time to focus on you. The beginning of a new year always brings a time of reflection and planning for the year to come. If you’ve had a trystful 2014, then give yourself a pat on the back. If you’ve decided that in 2015, you want to refocus on your married life, that’s okay too. Today, we’re going to talk about some ways to reignite the flames that were once ablaze with your forever partner through some introspection.


How do you feel about yourself?

A lot of time, levels of sexual attraction between you and your partner reflect how you feel about yourselves. If you’re feeling less than attractive at the moment, it will be difficult to rekindle that passion with your partner, and it may be easier to seek out a one night stand with a stranger who didn’t know you in your glory days. Even though it’s easy to pass the buck and blame your partner for the lack of sex, it takes two to tango. Ask yourself if you feel attractive and are open to sex.


How would you feel if you lost your partner?

This one sounds a bit over the top, but asking yourself this can help put things into perspective. Maybe there are things you didn’t appreciate or notice before. Would you have fought about those little things? It is important to actively appreciate and thank your partner for the things they do for you.


Do you continue to date your partner?

Sure, it might sound silly, but after all, you’re in a relationship. Making time for dates, going out for dinner, and giving gifts are all ways you can woo your partner. It is the thought that counts, so a little love note will also do the trick. The point is to show your partner you were thinking of them and wanted to do something nice for them.