With all the cheat-talk going on around here, maybe it’s time to think about taking a healthy break from your relationship. Often times, bouts of fighting can lead to an overwhelming amount of screaming, crying, and disappointment. This type of behavior can be detrimental to rebuilding a relationship, since it often prevents meaningful communication.


3 Months

Take 3 months away from each other, and clearly delineate when your break will begin and end. This amount of time is enough to get over the initial loss and missing the other person. That is not to say, you will be entirely over the relationship. Take this time to do some proper reflection about what you want, and whether or not you can find it in your current relationship.


No Communication

The whole point of the break is to take some time away from the relationship, and if you are still communicating with your partner then it’s not really taking any time away even if you are not physically seeing each other. This means no phone calls, texts, or other means of communication. With social media being a predominant part of our lives, every effort must be made to avoid communication on these platforms as well.


Moving Forward

After your 3 months away are up, you will want to arrange a time to talk about your experiences being away from each other. We recommend arranging a time and place ahead of time, and 3 months is enough notice that you should not have other obligations. Some things you might want to discuss are: how you felt when the break started and ended; your experience during the break; and next steps. If you took the time to reflect during your break, this conversation will be productive and healthy.