As with any other relationship, there are just some people you want to avoid. You know the ones we’re talking about. The girl who leaves you 7 missed calls because she is just checking in. The girl who still calls you when you broke up more than a year ago. Let’s not forget the girl who posts sad status updates about you on Facebook. Make sure you avoid these cringe worthy moments by steering clear of these mistresses.


Needs More Time With You Mistress                                  

This mistress needs, not wants, more time with you. Signs that you’ve landed yourself this kind of mistress: endless calls and texts from her, no amount of time you spend together is enough, she has no hobbies and may be single.


Can’t Keep A Secret Mistress

If your mistress loves talking to you about everyone else’s business, then it’s likely she’s sharing yours with everyone else. While it might be fun to share a laugh, it’s not worth having your dirty laundry aired all over town.


A Little Too Passionate Mistress

This mistress is a refreshing when you first meet her, because she knows what she wants and tells it like it is. But beware: this means when you can’t give her what she wants, you’ll be on the receiving end of it. Suddenly, what was once sexy is now overbearing and suffocating.


A Little Too Crazy Mistress

Like the a little too crazy mistress, this mistress seems like a good idea at first. She’s got a lot of cute quirks and an air of mystery about her. She’s the queen of impromptu visits and surprise coffee dates. Sounds romantic? Maybe, but we’re thinking a few weeks later she might surprise you a little closer to home, and no one wants to deal with that kind of mess.


At the end of the day, use your judgment and listen to your gut. If your mistress smells like trouble, she probably is. You need to be selective if you want to find a tryst-worthy mistress.