Since we posted last month about mistresses you might want to steer clear of, we thought it would be good timing to follow up with a list of misters to avoid. Remember, it’s your call and consider yourself warned. Be selective and you can have a great time.


Lives With His Parents

While we can be understanding of someone who is down on their luck or is an exemplary son who takes care of their elderly parents, this mister is just not affair-partner material. If he’s living with his parents to save money, then chances are your dates are going to be quite lackluster. Let’s face it, we’re already financially-conscious on dates with our life-partner, why should our affair-partner dates be hindered the same way? If he’s living with his parents for some “good son” reason, then it sounds like he’s got issues we don’t want to deal with.



This mister is trouble if there are unresolved feelings for your ex. Just because this mister looks like him doesn’t mean he’s anything like him, but sometimes it’s hard not to project when there are some leftover feelings. Avoid the mess by staying away from this ex-lookalike.



Like the ex-lookalike, the husband-lookalike may bring unwanted negativity and emotions to your affair. One of the perks of having an affair is that you get to be whisked away from everyday life, so why date someone who looks like your husband? Sounds like you need to stay away from this mister too.


Overly Attached Mister

This mister might seem like a good candidate for an affair at first. He notices all the small things you do that your husband takes for granted. He probably offers massages, but doesn’t ask for them back. Watch out for this mister, because he seems like a sensitive and caring man until you want to break things off. The overly attached mister will likely still call or “accidentally” run into you. Who wants to deal with this kind of drama? Not us! So, say goodbye to this mister.