Lying and cheating go hand in hand. Even if you come up with the perfect plan to cheat on your spouse and you’ve gathered the courage to do it, you still need to be able to lie effectively to hide your affair. Here are couple ways to be mindful of your body language, so your affair stays under wraps.


Speech Speed

You’ve heard of liars being synonymous with quick talkers, but there’s a reason for that. Everyone’s speech speed fluctuates during speaking, but a liar’s speech will speed up or slow down within the same sentence. Usually, a liar’s speech will speed up as they figure out the lie and try to get it out as fast as possible. This means you should figure out your answer before you even start to answer, and be mindful of increases in your speed of speech for the delivery.


Tripping on Words

Keeping track of all the lies can be a tricky business. Novice liars may start-stop their sentences, or switch up and drop pronouns when trying to recount a fictitious tale. To take your lie-game to the next level, make sure you think carefully about what you’re trying to say before saying it.


One Foot Out the Door

The expression one foot out the door has some truth to it. People point their feet towards their objects of interest. So, if your partner is discussing redecorating plans for the living room with you and your feet are pointing towards the front door, you’re telling them you’ve got one foot out the door. Lying about being interested in a conversation requires more than just saying the right thing. Your body needs to do some lying too. The next time you find yourself disengaged, realign your feet to pretend like you care. Point them towards your partner or whatever objects you may be discussing.