Finishing a hot and well-deserved romp with your affair partner can leave you in a haze, but never forget to cover your tracks. Here are a couple things to remember when you’re heading out or heading home after an affair.


Maintain Confidentiality

If you want to be successful at having affairs and keep your mistress secret, you need to keep it to yourself. That means you can’t tell your best friend, your office mates, or even the barista at the coffee shop near your house. No one. It doesn’t matter if it’s your friend’s-friend’s sister or that random you met at a party once. Your lips are sealed. This way, they do not have to lie for you since they don’t know.


Use Protection

Condoms, diaphrams, spermicide, and birth control. These are your new best friends. There is nothing worse than an unplanned baby or some burning-dischargey mess that will definitely get you caught.



Before you start your fling, begin Febreezing your car and clothes, so that the Febreeze smell becomes a regular scent for your vehicle and person. This way, when you come home from affair-sex or want to get the smell of sex out of your car, the smell of Febreeze won’t raise any suspicions.


Pictures or Video

There is nothing more stupid than taking pictures or videos of anything you do with your affair partner. This pretty much undoes everything you’ve done to cover up your tracks, because now there is actual visual evidence of your infidelity.


Soap and Showering

Whatever soap you are using at home, you need to bring extra to use for the after sex shower. If you don’t, your partner will notice the difference in smell. If you don’t have the luxury of showering after, you need to shower at home or go to the gym and then shower there.