The holidays are almost here and our to-do list is miles long. Buying and wrapping presents. Surviving the check out lines and the parking lots. Scheduling events with family and friends. Stressing out during events with family and friends. It’s never ending, so why don’t you do yourself a favor and have a little tryst? If you’re not convinced, here’s 3 reasons why you should.


1) Problems are magnified

With the stress and exhaustion of running holiday errands, all of the problems of your relationship are magnified. The nagging and belittling is already getting old, but when you have to food and alcohol to pick up, people to arrange plans with, and little ones to feed, then it can start to feel extremely overwhelming and stifling. No one wants to be constantly reminded of the chores they didn’t do (properly), when it all comes down to preference. The worst part is that even after the holidays, there’s no break from all of this. So, if you want someone who respects, admires, and desires you, it’s best to look outside of your marriage this holiday season. There’s plenty of women at work, the gym, and through online dating that are looking for the same thing: an affair partner who won’t judge you and understands you.


2) Reminded of what’s missing:

Even though you’re there for tree trimming, house decorating, and holiday shopping, it’s easy to feel neglected. It’s hard to really care about these things when traditions feel more like chores, and you’re expected to enjoy and look forward it. I mean come on, who actually enjoys doing chores? Then, at the end of the day, the love and affection you need to get you through the next day isn’t there. Asking to have your needs fulfilled can leave you feeling vulnerable and weak, and with all of the work to do, why bother bringing up another thing to fight about? Your affair partner doesn’t care if you don’t put up the Christmas lights this weekend. Your affair partner doesn’t care if you didn’t use the right wrapping paper. They certainly won’t expect you to put up with their family. So, there’s really no reason to not have an affair.


3) Just plain bored:

While she’s singing along to Christmas classics, baking with the kids, and sipping on some eggnog, you’re only half checked in. And, who can blame you? It’s the same thing every year. Plus, there’s all the stress and work leading up to and after. No thanks.