Last month we talked about reasons why an open relationship might work for you. If you’ve decided to give it a try, there are a few types you can choose to try with your partner. Some of the differences between these types of relationships come down to variations on exclusivity. Remember, it’s important to communicate your needs and clearly delineate what you are both comfortable with.


Multi-Partner Relationships

This type of relationship occurs between 3 or more partners where a romantic and or sexual relationship can but does not need to occur between all parties involved. If you and your partner both want to have relationships with other people, this configuration of relationship might work for you. There is a non-exclusivity to this type of relationship that differentiates it from polyamorous relationships.



Swingers can be single or partners in a relationship that engage in sexual relations with others as a social activity. Either partner in the open relationship can swing or the couple can swing together with the intention that others will join in.


Hybrid Relationships

Hybrid relationships are relationships where one member is monogamous and the other is not. In this type of relationship, the partner that is non-monogamous is able to engage in romantic and sexual relations with other people.