When a relationship starts with an affair, it can be difficult to build the trust needed to have a lasting relationship. It is time to really do some introspection and figure out why you cheated in the first place. Because, knowing why you cheated will help you avoid cheating in the future.


Sexually Neglected

If you were feeling sexually neglected with your previous partner, ask yourself how things are different this time around. Perhaps your affair partner is open to trying new things in bed that your previous partner was not. Perhaps your affair partner is more attentive to your needs. Whatever the reason, speak openly to your new partner about what your needs are.


Lacking Emotional Support

Maintaining a relationship takes time and effort. It’s work. Luckily, what you put in is what you get back in most cases. If you’re not getting the emotional support you need from your current partner, ask yourself if you will with your new one. What makes your two relationships different? Once you figure this out, ensure that you do what you can to be supportive and be open to feedback, so you avoid getting into a second rocky relationship.


Feeling Unappreciated

After years of being married, it’s common to overlook all the small things you do for each other. Did you go out of your way to help them out? Did you do something thoughtful for them when they had a bad day? If your partner doesn’t appreciate you, it’s normal to seek out a partner that does.