Figuring out where to take your affair partner can be tricky business. Going out anywhere for any amount of time, you run the risk of being seen. Even though you might not want to spend a lot of time in public, it can be refreshing to share a meal with your affair partner or see a show together.


Where To Eat Dinner

If you want to have dinner out, pick a place that you’re sure no one will recognize you even if you have to head out of town. Going the distance is worth it, considering the alternative is being caught. Another option is to have dinner at the hotel restaurant or get room service to your suite. For a few extra bones, you can get the concierge to send up flowers and candles to take it up a notch. Remember to pay for everything in cash.


Where To Catch a Movie or Show

If there are only one or two theatres in your city, chances are you will run into someone you know. Save yourself the trouble of getting caught and hop on over to the next town to catch the next show.


Overnight Trip

Plan trips that are a few hours away, either by car or a short flight, to maximize time spent with your affair partner. Putting in the travel time ensures that you won’t be recognized, and gives you more choice in what activities you can do. Visit a vineyard or a museum. Go out for brunch or have a nice dinner out. The possibilities are endless.