Valentine’s Day isn’t just for wives and girlfriends, it’s a great excuse to show someone you care about them. The usual flowers and jewelry will get the job done, but here are some other gift ideas to sweeten the deal.

  1. Monogrammed gifts are a great way to change something generic to something super thoughtful. Commonly monogrammed items include robes, jewelry, cosmetic bags, travel accessories like passport holders and luggage tags, and pillows.
  2. Plan a special dinner for 2 at a restaurant they love. Surprise them with flowers and some sweet treats as well.
  3. For the more adventurous pair, plan a scavenger hunt that ends in the hotel room. Place some clues at places that are meaningful for the two of you, like past date locations, where you met the first time, etc. Go the extra mile and have some oysters and champagne ready for when they arrive.
  4. If they’ve got the winter blues, make them a basket with a mug, hot chocolate, marshmallows, fruit, nuts and chocolate.
  5. Pick up tickets to a romantic musical set or spend the evening laughing at a comedy show. The best gifts are shared experiences.
  6. Head for a couples’ massage at your favorite spa. Add facials or access to water therapies for an all day affair.
  7. If your date has a black thumb, give them another chance to grow something green. A hardy houseplant is a great gift paired with a cute pot and instructions for care.