Cold weather cheating is the simplest kind. In the heat of summer, you’re tempted to spend time outdoors, and while going to the beach or hitting up patios are fun things to do, being a cheater makes things complicated. The more time you spend outside with your mistress, the higher chance you have of being caught. Play it safe, play it smart. Here are a few ways to have sexy fun with your mistress. As always, use a different credit card to avoid having your transaction history give you away.

Office Romp

How many times have you daydreamed about steamy, hot, sex during an excruciatingly boring meeting? Make your fantasies come try by sneaking in your mistress after hours. This is a bold move, so you have to make sure that you aren’t seen by security cameras or coworkers, and that being there late isn’t suspicious.

Plan a Weekend at the Slopes

Head to a remote location to enjoy each other’s company in the privacy of your own chalet. During the day you can hit the slopes if there’s snow or a hike in the mountains before you cozy up to the fireplace with some boozy drinks. Clothing is optional.

Have a Spa Day

Spending the day at the spa is a relaxing way to get in the mood for a sexy play date. Book a couples’ massage and head to the spa hours early to take advantage of the water therapies. Many spas will allow you access to pools, hot tubs, or steam rooms with the purchase of any kind of massage. If you want to pamper your mistress even further, get her a manicure and pedicure or facial while you lounge poolside.


Take advantage of last minute flight deals and take a 3-day trip to a nearby city. Explore new sights and sounds in a place where you won’t be recognized. Travelling has never felt more relaxing.

5 Star Hotel Getaway

Whether you’re staying in town or heading out, a 5 star hotel has all the amenities to make your time together unforgettable. Expect exceptional food and service, and above all, privacy.