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Mar 16,2015

With all the cheat-talk going on around here, maybe it’s time to think about taking a healthy break from your relationship. Often times, bouts of fighting can lead to an overwhelming amount of screaming, crying, and disappointment. This type of behavior can be detrimental to rebuilding a relationship, since it often prevents meaningful communication.


3 Months

Take 3 months away from each other, and clearly delineate when your break will begin and end. This amount of time is enough to get over the initial loss and missing the other person. That is not to say, you will be entirely over the relationship. Take this time to do some proper reflection about what you want, and whether or not you can find it in your current relationship.


No Communication

The whole point of the break is to take some time away from the relationship, and if you are still communicating with your partner then it’s not really taking any time away even if you are not physically seeing each other. This means no phone calls, texts, or other means of communication. With social media being a predominant part of our lives, every effort must be made to avoid communication on these platforms as well.


Moving Forward

After your 3 months away are up, you will want to arrange a time to talk about your experiences being away from each other. We recommend arranging a time and place ahead of time, and 3 months is enough notice that you should not have other obligations. Some things you might want to discuss are: how you felt when the break started and ended; your experience during the break; and next steps. If you took the time to reflect during your break, this conversation will be productive and healthy.


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  • Wednesday
    May 18,2011

    How can you keep your marriage strong? You can try having a tryst! We know, you may be scratching you head over that one, but it’s true. Here are a few reasons why having a tryst can actually save your relationship.

    Helps you be a better partner: For some people, having a tryst helps them be a better partner.  You may be going through a rough patch in your marriage or you are sexually frustrated, and finding another outlet can help. Many people have saved their relationship because they are allowed to tryst, and if they hadn’t, the relationship may have ended.

    Same old, same old: Just because you want to taste roast beef every once in awhile, it doesn’t mean that you want to give up hamburgers. The same goes for long-term relationships and quick trysts. Sure, you’re having the same sex that you’ve had for years, but you want to try someone different occasionally to truly appreciate what you have waiting for you in the bedroom.

    No sex at all: You love your partner, but they’ve decided they don’t want to sex. Otherwise, your relationship is great. You don’t want to break up the home or the finances to get a little something, something on the side. A tryst now and again will satisfy those urges without having to get a costly divorce. Now you’ve got everything you need, just from two different places.

    We’re on a break: Ross had it right when he had a tryst with the girl from the copy shop while he and Rachel were on a break (and in the end, they still ended up together). If you’ve broken up with someone or had a fight, sometimes it’s good to get things of your chest (and your loins). A tryst can help you work out the feelings of anger, and you go back to your partner with a clear and level head.

    Open and honest: People who enjoy an open relationship are open and honest with each other. Their trysts allow them to be who they really are without trying to hide or cover it up. By sleeping with other people, they can stay true to themselves as well as being in a committed relationship. Yes, they truly have the best of both worlds!

    In Tryst We Trust

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  • Monday
    Nov 8,2010

    It’s happened to the best of us. You get dumped by your Tryst other and it seemed to come out of nowhere. So what do you do now? We’ve come up with some tips that will help you get over the hump and will get you back to humping others in no time at all!

    Erase Their Number From Your Mobile Phone. First things first. Just so you won’t get tempted to send a nasty or begging text message, delete your Tryst’s name and number from your mobile phone right away. Deleting it will save you phoning or texting at 4 am to ask why you were dumped, or drunk dials, begging to take you back. Besides, no one likes being bombarded by text messages from someone that just doesn’t seem to get the hint.

    Stop Obsessing About What Went Wrong: This is a downfall of many people. But you’ve got to face facts:  many break-ups don’t have a specific cause. It’s ok to reflect on what you could have done differently, but it’s not helpful to dwell. Instead, try to live in the moment and think about how great your next tryst is going to be.

    Spoil Yourself : Great for both guys and girls, it could be as simple as a day at the spa or that new gadget you’ve been eyeing. You can also benefit from picking up some new clothes that make you feel sexy. Basically, you should treat yourself as you would want that someone special to treat you. You’re worth it.

    Get Off The Sofa Now. While some regrouping time is necessary, at some point you should try to get in yourself back in shape and back in the land of the living. If you’ve put on weight, then it’s time to lose it. Start eating right and treating your body with the respect it deserves – it’s not the one who dumped you! Go running, walking, biking or to the gym to get the endorphins swimming through you.

    Remember Your Ex Trysts’s Flaws: And trust us when we say that they have plenty of them. It’s easy to get teary-eyed thinking about all of the “great” things about them, but what about your ex’s not-so-great qualities? Remind yourself just how annoying, boring or insensitive your ex-tryst could be, and you’ll be on your way to recovery.

    Take Charge Of Your Life: Now’s the time to start focusing on yourself and your goals.Do all the things you’ve always wanted to try, like salsa dancing or rock climbing. Pick up a new hobby , buy a motorcycle, travel the world, retrain for a new career or go for that promotion. The world is your oyster!

    Don’t Listen To The Negative Self-Talk : When we get dumped, we tend to  negative “self talk” and to worry about so many things: if we will ever be loved again, have sex again, trust again or perhaps we worry we are too old, too fat, too dumb or too anything…to ever be happy and fulfilled again. That is highly unlikely, so relax! Dispel thoughts like that immediately and replace them with positive affirmations of your own self worth.

    In Tryst We Trust

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  • Wednesday
    Oct 20,2010

    Sometimes, even with all the planning and info kept on the down low, you may get caught in a Tryst. Getting out of this predicament can be a bit tricky, especially if you’re not expecting it. But even if that does happen, there are ways to get out of trouble without much collateral damage. Try out some of these lines the next time it happens to you:

    Work Tryst Excuses:

    We were working on a project that had to be completed in a hotel room.

    I work very closely with all my clients on the Johnson account.

    I was being sexual harassed, so I decided to give them a taste of their own medicine.

    I’m working undercover… or at least under the covers.

    Emergency Tryst Excuses:

    She was unconscious and I had to give her mouth-to-mouth resuscitation… with my clothes off, as they were binding.

    She told me she was dying to have sex with me, so in a way, I saved her life.

    Late Night Tryst Excuses:

    Oh, this mark on my collar? Bob started wearing lipstick. It really suits him.

    My car broke down, and I was so thankful to the tow truck driver, I gave him a friendly tip. We now have roadside assistance for life.

    It was getting late and it looked like rain. I thought it would be best for everyone if I took refuge in her bed.

    Text Tryst Excuses:

    I’m positive it’s the wrong number, even though the text is addressed to me.

    Honey, everyone sexts – I’m just trying to keep up with the times.

    This text was sent before we got together… It was just slow getting to my phone.

    This phone isn’t mine – I must have picked it up at the strip club last night by accident.

    In Tryst We Trust

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  • Top 10 Tryst excuses

    Apr 23,2008
    • 1. Working late:
      It’s the one time you’re glad to have a job.
    • 2. Car problems:
      A flat tire, engine problems, faulty flux capacitor – something that warrants a tow truck.
    • 3. Family emergency:
      Your mom, an old aunt, even better, a sick dog – there’s a reason they call them man’s best friend.
    • 4. Cell phone issues:
      “Damn phone, you’d think they’d perfect this technology by now. I’m positive I charged it before I left the house!”
    • 5. Old friend in town:
      I haven’t seen [insert FAKE name here] in years, we had to catch up on old times with a couple of pints. Important note: make sure it’s not someone you actually know, that way, it can never come back to haunt you at your next class reunion.
    • 6. Date mix-up:
      “Were we supposed to go out last night? I’ve really got to fire my secretary.”
      Try not to snicker while saying this if your secretary was the one you had a Tryst with.
    • 7. Lights out:
      You can’t be doing anything wrong while you’re sleeping, so blame a poor sleep from the night before or call on your narcolepsy.
    • 8. Wardrobe malfunction:
      Ladies this one is for you – “I couldn’t go out with you looking like this. It made me look fat, I had nothing else to wear, and these shoes are so out season.”
      Bonus tip: start throwing around designer names and obscure colors. He’ll be so confused; he’ll let the matter drop.
    • 9. Tryst-tinnitus:
      ( Sniff ) “I think I’m coming down with something contagious, I’ll see you on the flip side.”
      ( Cough, Cough )
    • 10. Abducted and probed by aliens:
      If they didn’t buy the last nine excuses, what the hell else do you have to lose? Plus, it will explain why you’re walking like that.

    About to be made? No excuse!
    Reffer to top 10 excuses to explain your whereabouts after your latest tryst.

    In Tryst we Trust