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Aug 15,2016

When a relationship starts with an affair, it can be difficult to build the trust needed to have a lasting relationship. It is time to really do some introspection and figure out why you cheated in the first place. Because, knowing why you cheated will help you avoid cheating in the future.


Sexually Neglected

If you were feeling sexually neglected with your previous partner, ask yourself how things are different this time around. Perhaps your affair partner is open to trying new things in bed that your previous partner was not. Perhaps your affair partner is more attentive to your needs. Whatever the reason, speak openly to your new partner about what your needs are.


Lacking Emotional Support

Maintaining a relationship takes time and effort. It’s work. Luckily, what you put in is what you get back in most cases. If you’re not getting the emotional support you need from your current partner, ask yourself if you will with your new one. What makes your two relationships different? Once you figure this out, ensure that you do what you can to be supportive and be open to feedback, so you avoid getting into a second rocky relationship.


Feeling Unappreciated

After years of being married, it’s common to overlook all the small things you do for each other. Did you go out of your way to help them out? Did you do something thoughtful for them when they had a bad day? If your partner doesn’t appreciate you, it’s normal to seek out a partner that does.










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  • Thursday
    Dec 10,2015

    The holidays are almost here and our to-do list is miles long. Buying and wrapping presents. Surviving the check out lines and the parking lots. Scheduling events with family and friends. Stressing out during events with family and friends. It’s never ending, so why don’t you do yourself a favor and have a little tryst? If you’re not convinced, here’s 3 reasons why you should.


    1) Problems are magnified

    With the stress and exhaustion of running holiday errands, all of the problems of your relationship are magnified. The nagging and belittling is already getting old, but when you have to food and alcohol to pick up, people to arrange plans with, and little ones to feed, then it can start to feel extremely overwhelming and stifling. No one wants to be constantly reminded of the chores they didn’t do (properly), when it all comes down to preference. The worst part is that even after the holidays, there’s no break from all of this. So, if you want someone who respects, admires, and desires you, it’s best to look outside of your marriage this holiday season. There’s plenty of women at work, the gym, and through online dating that are looking for the same thing: an affair partner who won’t judge you and understands you.


    2) Reminded of what’s missing:

    Even though you’re there for tree trimming, house decorating, and holiday shopping, it’s easy to feel neglected. It’s hard to really care about these things when traditions feel more like chores, and you’re expected to enjoy and look forward it. I mean come on, who actually enjoys doing chores? Then, at the end of the day, the love and affection you need to get you through the next day isn’t there. Asking to have your needs fulfilled can leave you feeling vulnerable and weak, and with all of the work to do, why bother bringing up another thing to fight about? Your affair partner doesn’t care if you don’t put up the Christmas lights this weekend. Your affair partner doesn’t care if you didn’t use the right wrapping paper. They certainly won’t expect you to put up with their family. So, there’s really no reason to not have an affair.


    3) Just plain bored:

    While she’s singing along to Christmas classics, baking with the kids, and sipping on some eggnog, you’re only half checked in. And, who can blame you? It’s the same thing every year. Plus, there’s all the stress and work leading up to and after. No thanks.



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  • Resolutions for 2015

    Jan 28,2015

    Now that the hustle and bustle of the holidays are over, it’s time to focus on you. The beginning of a new year always brings a time of reflection and planning for the year to come. If you’ve had a trystful 2014, then give yourself a pat on the back. If you’ve decided that in 2015, you want to refocus on your married life, that’s okay too. Today, we’re going to talk about some ways to reignite the flames that were once ablaze with your forever partner through some introspection.


    How do you feel about yourself?

    A lot of time, levels of sexual attraction between you and your partner reflect how you feel about yourselves. If you’re feeling less than attractive at the moment, it will be difficult to rekindle that passion with your partner, and it may be easier to seek out a one night stand with a stranger who didn’t know you in your glory days. Even though it’s easy to pass the buck and blame your partner for the lack of sex, it takes two to tango. Ask yourself if you feel attractive and are open to sex.


    How would you feel if you lost your partner?

    This one sounds a bit over the top, but asking yourself this can help put things into perspective. Maybe there are things you didn’t appreciate or notice before. Would you have fought about those little things? It is important to actively appreciate and thank your partner for the things they do for you.


    Do you continue to date your partner?

    Sure, it might sound silly, but after all, you’re in a relationship. Making time for dates, going out for dinner, and giving gifts are all ways you can woo your partner. It is the thought that counts, so a little love note will also do the trick. The point is to show your partner you were thinking of them and wanted to do something nice for them.



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  • Dear Tryst – Naughty Nurse

    Jul 31,2008

    Dear Tryst:

    I had been trysting with my secretary for about six months when I really put my foot in it.

    The affair I’d been having with my secretary (let’s just call her Jane) was far more sexually adventurous then the relations (or lack thereof) I was having with my wife. Wanting to take it up a notch, I visited a local sex shop, intent on buying Jane some role-playing gear. I had always liked the idea of seducing a naughty nurse, so I purchased a barely there vinyl nurse uniform for her. I took my purchase up to the cash register, and was asked if this was for a special occasion. “We can gift wrap and deliver the package for you,” she said. What a great idea, I thought. I’d have it sent to her Saturday afternoon, with instructions for her to wear it when I came to her house that evening. So, with visions of sponge baths and complete physicals running rampant in my head, I jotted down the address for the cashier and left, congratulating myself on such a masterful surprise.

    The appointed Saturday finally arrived, and I spent the morning running around, getting the necessary supplies our evening required. When I finally came home, my wife was waiting for me in the living room, an enraged look painted on her face and a familiar-looking parcel unwrapped on the floor.

    “What the hell is this?” she exploded, throwing the contents of the package in my face. I guess I was so wrapped up in my fantasy, I had given the cashier my home address instead of Jane’s. Panicked, I started thinking of excuses, trying to come up with reasons why I was having the affair. Before I could stammer any of them out, she screamed, “Do you think I would actually wear this?” After calming her down with hurried apologies, she suggested that I needed to think about the consequences of my actions by spending a few days at a motel. Without seeming to be too eager, a packed a few essentials – including the nurse uniform – and hastily beat a retreat to Jane’s house. Not only did I escape a costly divorce, I also had the most incredible four days of non-stop sex with an extremely naughty nurse.

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  • Dear Tryst – Max

    Jul 31,2008

    Dear Tryst:

    Awkward doesn’t even begin to describe the day I found out that Max, my paper boy, had a second delivery job. Let me start at the beginning:

    I live in the most perfect little neighborhood, in the most perfect little home, surrounded by a perfect white picket fence. I married my college boyfriend as soon as we graduated, and he makes enough money for me to stay home and actively pursue my interests, which includes lunching at the club with the other girls in the neighborhood and spending my husband’s money engaged in some retail therapy. Oh, and then there’s Pete – he takes up some of my free time too. Let me explain – living an idyllic life isn’t as grand as it seems. It can be mind-crushingly boring. That’s where Pete comes in. We like to get together once a week (sometimes more if the hubby’s away on business) to partake in mutually enjoyed pursuits – and earth shattering ones at that!

    I needed a little vacation, so I told my husband I was going away on a girl’s weekend for some shopping, gossiping and harmless fun. What that really meant was shacking up with Pete at the Hilton on the edge of town for some bedroom gymnastics. It started out swimmingly. Hours upon hours of good ole fashioned trysting works up a mighty appetite, so we decided to order a pizza, and since we didn’t feel like dressing, delivery was the most reasonable course of action. Thirty minutes later, and I answered the door wearing nothing but a big smile and Pete’s button down shirt. You can imagine my surprise when I was greeted by a familiar face – Max.

    He recognized me as soon as I opened the door, and I could tell that he was a bit confused to find me there. That look changed to pure amazement when Pete came up from behind, took the food from startled Max, then smacked my ass and told me he was hungry for more then just pizza. I think Max finally realized what was really going on when I tipped him a $50 – he gave me a knowing smile and wished me a pleasant evening. Thanks to that tip, my tryst didn’t make news headlines the next day!

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  • Dear Tryst – Cutiepie30

    Jul 31,2008

    Dear Tryst:

    I’ve always wondered what it would be like to be with another woman.  These thoughts have gotten stronger over time, especially over my decade long marriage.  Hoping to satisfy my hunger, I’d just watch some porn with the hubby only to realize I was fueling the fire.  I even broached the topic of inviting another girl into our bedroom, but he wasn’t interested – his reasoning is that if you’re having sex with someone other than your spouse (even if they are participating), it qualifies as an affair.

    My husband was out playing golf, so I had a few hours of uninterrupted time to myself. As I was checking my e-mail, a link to an X-rated dating website came up.  Intrigued, I clicked on it and browsed the site.  In no time at all I had created a profile, indicating I was interested in exploring a little girl-on-girl action.

    After a few days I received some responses from women, many in similar situations.  One profile in particular stood out for me – “cutiepie30” – a hottie who gained my attention thanks to a profile picture of her perfect breasts.  We e-mailed back and forth for a couple of weeks, really hitting it off.  We had the same fetishes, likes and dislikes, lived in the same city and we both had never experienced another woman before.  She was married as well which eased my concerns of discretion – we hadn’t posted any facial pictures on the site for this very reason, it was just too risky.

    After working ourselves up to a fever pitch, we decided it was time to act on our urges.  A date, time and place were worked out.  We would meet at her friend’s condo (she was out of town at the time, and cuteipie30 was checking in on her cats). After grooming myself meticulously and providing an appropriate alibi, I went to meet my mystery woman.

    When I arrived I was so nervous and turned on, I could hardly stand it.  A husky voice over the intercom invited me in, and I tried to calm myself as I rode the elevator to her floor.  I gathered my courage and knocked on her door.  My jaw almost hit the floor when the door opened and there stood my sister-in-law!  We were both speechless, and not knowing what else to do, I invited myself in.  It was a little awkward talking at first, but I reminded myself that I had always thought she was very attractive.  She admitted she had the same thoughts about me, and before long, we acted out our sapphic fantasies.

    We met up a few times since then – it’s the perfect hookup.  I’d just tell my husband I’m hanging out with his sister, which was true!  I wonder what Thanksgiving will be like this year?!

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