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Jun 17,2010

Let’s just get this out in the open before we go any further – asking a potential tryst what time their legs open will not get you very far. If you’re looking for idiot-proof ways to break the ice, we’ve got some handy tips to try out.

Keep your cool and your confidence: First of all, you had the guts to approach or start a conversation with a stranger, so good for you – it’s to your credit that you’re even trying. Try to keep it light, funny and easy. If you’re doing it in person, be aware of your body language, as it says a lot about how relaxed or nervous you are, so stand tall, shoulders back, chest out, hands at your sides, make eye contact and smile.

Find a line that works: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. You should have two or three great lines as stand-bys. If not, questions are a good fall-back tactic, but keep them low-investment. This will keep the questions from seeming too intimidating to answer. Most important here is that you want to make that other person feel as comfortable as possible, so approach the conversation with the intention that you have something to offer them.

The most effective pick-up line ever… is a simple “Hi”. Nothing fancy, practiced or artificial, it’s just an opening. From there, introduce yourself, and chances are, they will return the courtesy. Just remember KISS: Keep it simple, stupid. “Hi, my name is…” is a great conversation starter because it’s genuine and straight to the point. There are no pick up lines here, just one person who wants to make a connection with another. Sometimes just saying “hello” or “what’s up?” is the best way to break the ice. If they don’t return the pleasantries, you’ve got a pretty clear indication that it’s not going anywhere. Which brings us to…

Know when to fold them: You can tell when it’s not going your way. If, after two or three of your funny lines, that person’s eyes glaze over and they yawn, it’s time to exit, stage right. If they are not helping you out with positive encouragement either verbally or with body language, it’s time to say, “Nice meeting you” and walk away. On to the next one!

In Tryst we Trust

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  • Wednesday
    Feb 24,2010

    Tryst dates are hard enough without the added pressure of picking a place to host it. We here at Tryst have put together a list of tried-and-tested great date destinations that will provide a stressless backdrop to your get-together.

    Bowling: There’s no better way to bowl your date over (sorry, we couldn’t resist). But seriously, bowling is a great place to just get to know someone better. Think about it: It’s pretty hard to take yourself seriously when you’re wearing rented shoes and dining on a feast of beer and nachos. The laidback atmosphere at an alley is very conducive for letting your hair down, relaxing and just being yourself. And with no dress code to worry about, you can feel confident you’ll fit right in with jeans and a T-shirt.

    Drive-in Movie: If you’re lucky enough to still have them in your area, go retro and bring your squeeze to a drive-in movie. The movies they screen range from classic to relatively new releases, and the best part is you can talk, make out and throw popcorn at each other in the comfort of your own vehicle. Added bonus points if your seats recline all the way down!

    Go-Karting: You remember how much fun this was when you were a kid? A great way to test drive you date’s sense of fun and adventure, go-karting let’s you inner-child take over for an evening. Money wise, it’s pretty cheap and it’s a great chance to show off your mad NASCAR skills.

    Wine tasting: Show your date how refined you are by taking them to a local winery. You can schedule the tour after dinner or on its own – either way, you should go on a full stomach. Sexy and sophisticated, a date at the winery is fairly inexpensive, so you can use the extra cash to by a bottle of your favorite vintage to take home and share.

    Karaoke: The ancient art of making an ass of yourself is an awes first date idea. What a great way to see if your date is uptight or is willing to put themselves at the mercy of a drunk crowd just for the hell of it. If they need a little prompting to get onto the stage, don’t take “But I can’t sing” as an excuse – suggest a duet so the two of you can let loose together.

    Miniature Golf: Do a little investigating online and you’ll find a cheesy mini putt course in your area. Even ones with a kiddie theme are fine. Just wait until the sun goes down, as most places feature some mood lighting. The second best time you’ll have slapping your balls around.

    In Tryst we Trust

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  • Tuesday
    Jul 14,2009

    When you’ve found someone to Tryst with, sometimes you wish you could go back and relive the good times over and over again – with the ability to fast forward through all the slow parts. Here’s an idea – record your sexy times to enjoy time and time again (even when the time comes to let your Tryst go). Set up the tripod and put these tips into practice.

    Clarity is key: Make sure your video camera is focused. Fuzzy is not a turn on. You can use a tripod or set the camera on something solid, like a desk or chair. If you’re directing from POV, keep a steady hand so you don’t get motion sick.

    Audio is encouraged: It adds to your video’s allure, and reminds you just how much you enjoyed yourself.  Plus, dialogue takes your video to the next level – feel free to improvise and say whatever is on your mind.

    Lights, camera, action: Make sure you use a light source so you can actually see what’s going on. In this genre, low lighting works too, but be careful not to make it so dark, so you can’t see what’s going on. Use candles or a dimmer to set the mood.

    Just be yourself and have fun! You know what they say: “Dance like there’s no one watching.” The same applies to sex. Give a playful wave to the camera, laugh, instruct, do something new. For years to come you’ll look back on video with fond memories – and it may inspire you to film some new ones!

    Score points for originality: Before you get started, jot out a few key points you’d like to touch on (no pun intended). You don’t need a cheesy plot to get it rolling, unless that’s the kind of porn movie you want to make – if you really make it cheesy, it will be a memorable one!

    Edit your videos: Easy to use and available readily, digital editing programs allow you to cut the fat out of your movies. Made a mistake? No problem – as director, you have complete creative control over your film. It also allows you to cut down on time and filter content, as well as lets you use different types of shots and positions.

    In Tryst we Trust!

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  • Tryst Playbook – Tryst Speak

    Dec 9,2008

    Top 10 lines you’ll hear from someone who wants to get their Tryst on:

    • #10 “I’m here all my lonesome (sigh)”
      You’re most likely to here this line at a hotel bar. You’ll know for sure if they’re interested in a Tryst if they “accidentally” leave their room key behind when they leave.
    • #9 “My husband/wife is out of town… for a long time”
      This line could be slipped into any conversation – at work, your kid’s soccer game, while grocery shopping. Why not offer to help around the house and see what transpires?
    • #8 “I’ve always wanted to try a booty call”: There’s no reason why you can’t fulfill this person’s wish – your next night out, give them a call at 2 am and see how seriously they really were.
    • #7 “I’m so mad at my girl/boyfriend right now – I just want to get even with them”
      A spur of the moment comment, you should throw out your idea for how they can get revenge right away, before it passes.
    • #6 “My back is killing me! Can you give me a rub?”
      Tell them you’ll need their shirt off and plenty of oil.
    • #5 “Don’t you wish you could be bad for just one day?”
      Why not make that day today?
    • #4 “What my wife/husband doesn’t know, won’t hurt them”
      Unless, of course, they walk in on you – then you might be the one getting hurt.
    • #3 “I’ll try anything… once”
      Does having a Tryst with me count?
    • #2 “I have a walk-in shower, you could easily fit two people in there. You should come over and see it”
      What a coincidence, I’m feeling rather dirty.
    • #1 “My place or yours?”

      In Tryst we Trust

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  • Friday
    Jun 27,2008

    Setting the Stage

    • Clean up your place, change the sheets and have all massage items close at hand.  (Oils, candles, music, toys, etc.)
    • At dinner or over the phone, let your partner know they can expect a relaxing, sensual, erotic massage.  The anticipation works wonders.
    • When its time light some candles, turn the lights off and some soothing music on
    • Loose the clothes and ask your partner to get comfortable on his/her stomach
    • ( Tip #1 ) Keep your partner warm during the massage via sheet or towel

    The Massage

    • Begin your massage with simple and light tip of the finger touching.  Be sure to pay close attention to your partner’s reactions.  You want to avoid tickling, achieving more of a tease of things to come.   Start mid-shoulder area working your way to the arms, sides, hips and swell of back.
    • Continue to massage your partner with long, deeper more sensual strokes.  Again, we stress that reading your partners reactions to the massage is very important.  We recommend asking if you’re massaging too hard or too soft.
    • Progressively get deeper and deeper with your touch, starting in the upper mid back area, progressing down the back and arms.  Try envisioning stress within your partner’s body which you are coaxing and directing out.  Doing this will help you stay consistent in the direction and progressive flow of massage down and away from the upper shoulder / head area.
    • Continue your massage to the buttocks, hips, legs, calves and eventually the feet.  Once again, pay attention to your partner as the feet may be a ticklish area.
    • Now, ask your partner to turn around, lying on their back. You need to significantly reduce your compressions for this portion of your massage, as tissue is not as deep in the front.  We recommend you use the same tip of finger technique introduced at the beginning of the massage.  This is a great opportunity for you to work in kissing, licking and if suiting the occasional nibble.  Remember, this is a sensual warm up, so take your time before paying close attention to the goods.
    • ( Tip#2 ) Try to always keep hand contact with your partner, only changing the position and pressure given.  The pros can give their body melting massages with their eyes closed.
    • ( Tip#3 )Try to have each hand mirror one another along the middle of your partner’s body.

    Dry cleaners, taxi, dinner and wine … A Tryst can be an expensive endeavor.  Knowing all the right plays for your Tryst can be priceless.
    Take your time, pay attention to your partner and afterwards the two of your will be basking in the afterglow of some unreal sex.
    Tryst’s Playbook assures it will keep the plays coming.

    In Tryst we Trust.

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