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Nov 8,2013

Having an affair is a risky proposition. Before you decide to take such a step you should consider the potential ramifications and decide if you are willing to run the risk. Assuming you are willing to take the risk of setting up a tryst we have some advice on how to mitigate it.

 Step 1 – Secret Email

Hotmail, Yahoo and Gmail all give you free, easy ways of creating a way to communicate clandestinely. Use them to sign up to discreet dating sites and for all communications between yourself and your potential tryst partner(s).

Step 2 – Anonymous Phone number

There are many services that will setup a new, anonymous phone number that connects to your regular cell number. Any incoming and outgoing calls through this number will be disguised and won’t leave a trail.

Step 3 – Discreet Dating

Many dating sites out there cater to the already attached crowd. Use your new secret email to sign up and find potential partners who are looking for a secret tryst as well.

Step 4 – Delete your history

Make sure you routinely delete your browser history and remove all potentially incriminating emails from your secret email account. Many browsers offer plugins which can do this automatically for you.

Step 5 – Keep your mouth shut

Loose lips sink ships. Do not tell anyone, friends, coworkers etc. about your plans to have an affair.

Step 6 – Gift Credit Cards

Debit and Credit card transactions leave a trail. Use cash to purchase Gift credit cards and use these for all expenses related to your trysting activities, even your membership to that discreet dating site.

Keep in mind that having an affair will not be quite as fun as you probably imagined. The stress of hiding your activities and the guilt you may or may not feel will have an effect on both your current relationship and the tryst itself. Continuously reassess your reasons for having an affair and determine if it is worth the risk to continue.

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  • Tuesday
    Jul 12,2011

    You’ve thought about asking your Tryst to join you and your partner for a threesome romp. Good for you! This is one sexual experience you’re going to remember for the rest of your life… trust us on this! But before embarking on this type of Tryst, there are things you should keep in mind and some threesome rules to abide by. By following these basic threesome rules, you’ll be able to side-step some common mistakes and get the most out of your ménage à trois.

    Establish the Rules: We can’t stress this one enough. Before starting, understand everyone’s rules and limits, so you can respect comfort levels and have fun. In regards to your main partner, the relationship will be affected by the threesome, so be clear on what you can and can’t do during the experience. Someone may get jealous, so try not to pay too much attention to the new partner in the threesome. Remember, the fun of a threesome is to share sex between three people, so be respectful and everyone will have a good time.

    Be a Giver: You may want to be the center of attention, but it’s not going to happen that way. To get over the disappointment, be generous. This means putting your hands and mouth into high gear and using them to turn your partners on.  Enjoy any attention that comes your way and reciprocate as much as you can.

    Keep Busy: If you’re feeling a little left out, it’s time to keep busy (and no, this is not a good time to go make yourself a sandwich). Take the initiative and give yourself something to do, like fondling a body part or engaging in some oral sex. You can even pleasure yourself for a bit – it will probably turn your partners on to watch you.

    Penetration Rules: As soon as there’s penetration, there’s someone being left out. So penetration should happen only when everyone is ready for it. If you’re the one with the penis, be sure to pay attention to both women. It’s natural to pay more attention to the person you’re penetrating, but it’s important to give the other women attention too. Kiss her, caress her and make her feel sexy. Because of this pleasure overload, make sure to take it slow and pace yourself so you don’t finish before everyone else is done (that’s just rude).

    In Tryst We Trust

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  • Tuesday
    Oct 12,2010

    The big day is finally here – you’re about to meet that special Tryster for the first time. A little worried about how it’s going to go? Don’t panic – we’ve put together some tips to help get you ready for your first Tryst.

    Chill Out. Going on a first Tryst can cause some pretty serious jitters. Do something that can relax you, like going to the gym to work out, running or walking, yoga or get a relaxing massage.

    Be yourself. We know, easier said than done, because you really want to impress your Tryst. Just be honest and sincere about who you are, what you want and what you are looking for. That way, both of you will be a lot clearer if you are a good match.

    Don’t Go Overboard. The number one mistake that people make on their first Tryst is trying too hard hard to impress. Choose an outfit that gives you confidence, because when you’re comfortable, you’ll be able to show your true self. Pick an outfit that makes you feel and look good. Jeans and tee shirt or sweater are usually a good bet, depending on where you are meeting up.

    Think positive. You’re supposed to be going out to have a good time. If you start worrying about what disasters could happen, they are far more likely to go down. Loosen up and focus on having fun – it will happen if you do!

    Memorize a Few Details. Before you leave, commit some basic information about him or her to memory. Brush up on their name, hobbies, and one or two interesting facts that drew you to them. Bring up a few details from their profile that you found interesting.

    Minty Fresh Breath. It may be an obvious point, but far too many people forget about it when nervousness hits. It’s best to use some mouthwash in addition to brushing to make sure you kill any bacteria that may persist and cause issues later on in the evening.

    Be punctual. Give yourself plenty of time to get to your rendezvous. Keeping your date waiting will start things off on the wrong foot.

    Plan Your Exit Strategy. If it’s the first time you’re meeting someone, you should always opt for a coffee date. But even if you have already met your date once or twice, you should set the expectation that you will need to leave at a certain time. Doing so will take away any awkwardness if you are having a poor time and want to go home.

    In Tryst we Trust

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  • Monday
    Mar 8,2010

    Feel like you’re stuck in a rut? Bring your “A” game to the bedroom with some new positions that’ll have ‘em screaming for more! Here’s a list of some new moves to try out during your next tryst:

    Bent Spoon BENEFITS: This rear entry position gives you unlimited access to her chest and neck, and offers less of a penetration angle. HOW-TO: To get started, lie on a bed, with her lying in line on top of you, facing the same way, with her knees bent into her chest as well as arms stretched out (you should be staring at the back of her head). She won’t have much leverage, so you’ll be in charge of the thrusting. Don’t forget to let you hands explore every inch of her body while in motion.

    Forbidden Fruit BENEFIT: An easy twist on a female favorite will have her screaming for more, plus it’s an awesome way to score brownie points. HOW TO: If you’re a man who prides himself on liking to give more than to receive, you’ll want to add this move into your rotation. With the option of performing cunnilingus and/or analingus, she must lie on her front, knees positioned up and out, with a pillow under her stomach, exposing her rear. You kneel behind and between her legs – then just start licking away! ADDED BONUS: Since she can’t see you, she won’t know what’s coming!

    Prison Guard BENEFIT: You’ll be able to go in for easier and deeper penetration. HOW TO: A doggie style position, stand behind your partner and have her bend at the waist so her face reaches her knees (she should remain standing as well). Once she has “assumed the position” pull her arms back gently and “cuff” her wrists with your hands. Feel free to waive her right to remain silent!

    The Butterfly BENEFIT: Easy to do on any piece of furniture. HOW TO: Get her to lie on her back on the edge of bed and plant her feet on the floor. You kneel or stand between her legs to penetrate. Get her to manually stimulate herself for even more pleasure. TIP: If this is uncomfortable for you, kneel on a pillow.

    The Lotus BENEFIT: An intimate position, the Lotus allows you to constantly kiss or whisper naughty thoughts in your partner’s ear. HOW TO: You sit cross-legged on the bed, and have her climb on your lap facing you. She should then wrap her legs around you, while both of your hold on to each other. Finally, start rocking back and forth in a fluid motion for penetration.

    Pearly Gates BENEFITS: Another great way to feel up your date, thanks to full and open chest access. HOW TO: Lie down on your back and have her lie in line on top of you. Both of you should bend you legs at the knee, with her legs outside of yours. Have her stretch out her arms, which allows you to massage and stroke her body. Most of the penetration comes from you, but once you get a steady pace going, her body movements will soon match yours. Then, get ready to shout “hallelujah!”

    Wheel Barrel BENEFIT: Works equally well for vaginal or anal penetration, and sets you up to go deep. HOW TO: Remember the wheel barrel races from when you were a kid? It just got better! Have your partner get down on all fours. Come from behind, pick up her legs and have her support herself with her arms, while holding her legs at your waist. If her arms get tired, have her lay flat on a bed or chair.

    Thanks to for the awesome positions!

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  • Wednesday
    Nov 4,2009

    They say the fastest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. There’s some truth behind it, and it works for both men and women. Try these libido enhancing appetizers before your next Tryst to get your motor revving.

    Oysters: The most common food associated with aphrodisiacs, oysters may have their potent reputation because their shape resembles female naughty bits. While there’s no scientific evidence that they pump your performance, they do have high zinc content, a mineral that is essential to testosterone production and the maintenance of healthy and happy sperm.

    Watermelon: Seriously! In fact, a recent study suggested this juicy fruit may induce Viagra-like effects. Watermelon contains large amounts of citrulline, a plant nutrient that boosts the cardiovascular and immune systems and can relax blood vessels to improve blood flow. Unfortunately, the citrulline doesn’t necessarily go straight to your junk and to get to this ambrosia, you’ll have to munch on its rind – and since it’s pretty much inedible, we wouldn’t recommend it.

    Chocolate: Although some may choose chocolate over sex, this tasty treat has been a sweet aphrodisiac for centuries. Containing mood enhancers including phenylethylamine, serotonin and anandamide, when released in our bodies, can make us feel happy, passionate and lustful. Guys – to get her going, spread a little chocolate trail down to your treasure – by the time she gets there, chances are she’ll be hungry for more!

    Chili Peppers: A sure way to get you red hot is to add chili peppers to your pre-coitus meal. Chock full of capsaicin, a chemical that stimulates nerve endings, you’ll notice you pulse will race and you’ll be sweating up a storm – this is similar to the body’s response to sexual arousal. It also improves your blood circulation, which can cause erogenous zones to become sensitive to any form of stimulation. However, if you have a sensitive stomach, eating spicy chili peppers can cause the opposite effect – there’s nothing like bad gas to kill the mood!

    Asparagus: It may make your pee smell funny, but asparagus can have a powerful affect on your sex life. It’s not their phallic shape that will get you off – asparagus is rich in vitamin E which is considered to stimulate production of sex hormones. Try eating it raw or streamed – when boiled, it tends to lose its aphrodisiac powers.

    Carrots: They’re not just good for your eyes – they’re also good for your peen. Carrots started stimulating in ancient times – in the Middle East, they were used by royalty to aid in seduction. Mimicking the shape of a penis, carrots contain high-fiber – who knew fiber was good for more than BMs! Just one more reason why it’s important to eat all your vegetables!

    Bananas: We’ve all seen the video where a girl deep-throats a banana, but it reality, this fruit is a natural aphrodisiac that has a lot to offer. Full of potassium and vitamin B – necessities for sex hormone production – the banana has been used as a sex aid (in more ways than one) around the world.  Even today, bananas are used in India as offerings to the fertility gods. Another plus is that it contains three types of sugar – fructose, sucrose and glucose – an awesome way to keep your energy up for the active evening ahead.

    Almonds: Forgoing the obvious joke about nuts, almonds are good for peens and virility. They contain arginine, an amino acid that is crucial to erections and has been scientifically proven to increase their frequency and duration. There’s no food preparation involved, so grab a handful in between sex sessions to keep up your stamina.

    In Tryst We Trust!

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  • Tuesday
    Sep 29,2009

    Just because you’re all grown up doesn’t mean you have to stop playing with toys. So put down the Mr. Potato Head and fill your toy box with some must-have tools for your next Tryst.

    Jack Rabbit Vibrator: An essential, the “Rabbit” is probably the first vibrator you ever bought… and for good reason. This powerful vibe hits all the right places and is built tough to deliver a lifetime of orgasms. Get your rocks off with synchronized rotating metal beads and six different vibration and rotation speeds! If you want to go beyond basic, try the new cordless and waterproof version for even wetter fun!

    The Big O Vibrating Cock Ring: Oh baby! We love ourselves a good cock ring, and the Big O is one of our faves. Why? To start, it’s super-stretchy, reusable and has nine different auto-changeable speeds! An added bonus is its specially enhanced silicone gel ring that stimulates the clitoris with extended ticklers for superior orgasms. It’s the toy that will have the both of you making an “O” face to remember.

    Fleshlight: If you haven’t experienced the pleasures of a Fleshlight yet, you don’t know what you’ve been missing! Now available in a variety of different orifices and porn stars, there’s a Fleshlight for every occasion. Designed to recreate the velvet texture of a vagina, this toy offers an incredibly realistic sensation.

    Wet Together Lubricant: A new couple’s lubricant, Together comes with two bottles of 2 fl oz bottles – one for him (blue) and one for her (pink). Her lube gently tingles when he applies it, while his will gently heat on contact. Offering longer lasting, silky smooth lubrication and sensation, Wet Together goes on silky and clean (no gloopiness, which is important in a lube), it’s hypoallergenic, odorless and colorless once on, and will not harm latex. When you’re all done, it washes away easily with mild soap and water – no fuss, no muss.

    Aneros Prostate Stimulator: Men, for an orgasm like no other, the Aneros Prostate Stimulator will never steer you wrong. Designed to stimulate the prostate both internally and externally, its curly handles allow the wearer or a partner to rock the toy back and forth, and the long forward handle presses into the perineum (the area between the anus and balls) creating added stimulation to the internal root of the penis.

    We Vibe: Hands free, strap free and wireless We Vibe is soft and conforms to the female shape, making it comfortable and easy to use. Its tapered “tear drop” shape naturally hugs a woman’s G-Spot while she’s having sex. The We Vibe’s internal G-Spot vibrator motor provides stimulation directly to the G-Spot, while the Clitoral Pad nestles in between the labia and the clitoris. It’ll have her screaming “WEEEEEEEE” in no time!

    In Tryst We Trust!

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  • Thursday
    Apr 24,2008
    • Cheap motel: The cover of secrecy is crucial for the success of a tryst. However, think of all the other tysters who have “come” to that room before you, as well as the added adventure of a drug deal taking place in the room next to yours.
    • Your place: You know it’s clean and the price is right (free). But if an unknowing partner happens to come home early, you’d better make sure that the bedroom is located on the first floor.
    • Public place: The fear of getting caught is a high that enhances the experience. The act of getting caught kills it completely.
    • Work: You’ve fantasized about sweeping the papers and supplies off of your desk, and giving the sexy accountant in finance the rogering of their life. Great idea, but be sure the cubicle walls are high enough to block the security cameras, and do it after the cleaning crew has left for the day.
    • Pied-à-terre: Your Company may own one, and luckily for you, the boss has gone away and left the key to this quaint love shack unattended. Unfortunately for you, on the day you decide to use it for a clandestine tryst, someone else may be having the same thought. Isn’t it just your luck that you walk in on the CEO hogtied and being disciplined by that sexy accountant in finance.
    • Car: You can drive to whatever romantic setting strikes your fancy. On the down side, you’re going to have to explain how you got that bump on the back of your head, thanks to the space limitations of a hatchback.

    The elusive “T” spot (aka the tryst spot) can take place in a variety of hot venues – each with its own pros and cons.  Be prepared!

    In Tryst we Trust

    Apr 23,2008
    • Condoms
      If you need to know why you should always have these handy, we’re surprised someone’s willing to sleep with you at all.
    • Change of clothes
      Good to have for either an hour – or a night-long rendezvous. You don’t want to bring any tainted evidence home with you.
    • Toiletries
      Hop in the shower and get rid of that forbidden sex smell. Hey, while you’re soaping up in there, why not go for round two?
    • Lube
      Cause everything’s more fun with lube! Oh, the possibilities…
    • Tide-to-Go
      This spot remover is pocket sized and gets rid of lipstick or any other Trysting stains quickly.
    • Toys
      Hand cuffs, blindfolds, whatever gets you going. Be creative but try not to scare your fellow Tryster. This is your chance to get a little kinky and try something you’ve never done before!
    • Top 10 list of excuses
      Think of it as your essential “cheat sheet.” Print out this handy list and memorize a few before you go home. We do not recommend writing this on your hand.
    • Phone number of a good divorce attorney
      Just in case you get made after you get laid.

    Always be prepared
    It was good advice when you were a scout/girl scout, and it remains good advice now.  Before you head out on your next tryst, be sure to pack your Tryst kit (aka. “First Laid Kit.”)

    In Tryst we Trust

    Apr 23,2008
    • Is it really worth it?
      Is this going to be a once-in-a-lifetime chance or just a romp with the office skank? You need to have standards – it’s best to decide what they are before jumping into it.
    • Are you that much of a catch?
      If the answer is a resounding “no,” then ask yourself, are you sure you want to risk losing that tolerant someone who puts up with you and all your crap?
    • What is the risk factor?
      Fact: There is a clear difference in risk hooking up with your significant other’s best friend, compared to that hot business associate in the Hong Kong office. The less likely you are to run into that person after you’ve done the deed, the more likely you are to get away with it. It’s Murphy’s Law people.
    • Is this person a potential “Bunny Boiler”?
      This is every tryster’s worst nightmare. Check the medicine cabinet for tell-tale meds. If you see anything labeled “Antipsychotic,” make a mad dash to the nearest exit. Do not pass go, do not collect discarded clothes.
    • Do you have a guilty conscience?If you’re a horrible liar and/or easily exude a guilty conscience, proceed with caution. Go to Vegas, and don’t come back until you’ve perfected your poker face.

    Tough questions! Before you embark on that oh-so-tempting tryst, ask yourself these few deal-making and braking questions.

    In Tryst we Trust