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Mar 22,2011

According to our friends at CNN, Facebook is the latest trend for people who want to hook up for trysts. You know how it happens – you connect with a high school sweetheart, an unrequited crush, a not-so-forgotten hookup, and those old feelings return. Here are just a few of the ways that a potential tryst takes form on Facebook.

Blast from the past: Ahhhh, the memories of loves long past. Facebook is a breeding ground for meeting up with past connections and fanning the old fires that may still be burning. Will it still be as passionate as it was 20 years ago? That may be a tryst risk worth taking.

You may know these people: You hadn’t thought about them in years, only to see that they are a friend of a friend. The moment their profile picture pops up on your profile, you wonder “what if?” and send them a friend request. Innocent pokes turn to flirty wall posts and emails. It doesn’t take long for it to progress to naughty pictures and clandestine meetings in a Motel 6.

Hot or not?: This little Facebook app shows you pictures of people who want to know if you think they are hot. If you see someone you like, just click on hot. You can even send them messages and virtual gifts, even if they aren’t your friends. It may take a little longer to get to know them and they may never want to meet in real life, but there’s nothing wrong with having an online tryst with your new Facebook friend.

All in your head: And what if you’re not brave enough to strike up a conversation with an ex? You can still have the tryst of your dreams… in your head. Use those stirred up memories to create a rich fantasy that can turn into a tryst where you never have to worry about getting caught – because it’s all in your head.

In Tryst We Trust

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  • Tryst Trends – Cheap Dates

    Nov 22,2010

    A little short on cash this week but want to impress that special someone? You don’t have to spend a lot of cash to impress your Tryst. Here are a few ideas to try out when you’re low on dough on tryst night.

    Go for a coffee: A cup of joe for two will only run you a couple of bucks. Try to stay away from the fast food coffee chains. Instead, head to your neighborhood cafe for a local brew or latte. If you’re lucky, they may even offer free refills, and since you’re going to be up all night hopped up on caffeine, we’re sure you can think of other things to do to occupy your time.

    Take her for ice cream: A little summer treat will go a long way. Everyone loves ice cream, so buy her a scoop and go for a little romantic walk. The price of this date is minimal, but it will go a long way with impressing her. For an extra dime, you can let her get sprinkles on her favorite flavor.

    A game of pool: Take her for an hour or two at your local pool hall. If you forgo the drinks and appetizers, all you need to shell out for is the table. Depending on where you go, it will only cost you $10-$20. And if she doesn’t know how to play, even better – it gives you a chance to wrap your arms around her and guide her stick properly.

    Rent a movie: Head to the nearest Blockbuster with your date, and instead of going straight for the new releases, make your way to the shelves that feature the older DVDs. It’s a great way to bond too – you can both fondly remember your favorite movies from the ‘80s and rent them for old time’s sake. And since you’ve seen the movie before (even if it’s been awhile), you won’t feel bad if you miss some of it while taking advantage of some prime make-out time.

    Head to the park: Release your inner child and take your tryst to the playground. Show her your playful side as you race down the slide. Or unleash your inner romantic as you push her on the swing. This date costs no money at all, but it will stick out in her mind as one of the most fun ones she’s ever been on.

    Pack a picnic: Chances are, your date loves a romantic picnic – but has never been on one. Be her first. You don’t need a basket – just pack everything you’ll need in a backpack, such as glasses, plates, cutlery, condiments, a blanket and a home-cooked meal. If you can splurge, bring along an affordably priced bottle of wine. Once the meal has been eaten and the dishes put away, we’re sure you can find other uses for the blanket.

    In Tryst We Trust

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  • Tryst Question of the Week

    Sep 22,2010

    So we’ve decided to make you, our Tryst audience, resposible for an upcoming post. All you have to do is tell us your top 10 picks of which celebrities you’d like to have a Tryst with. We’ll compile the top 10 men and women and share the result with you. Just leave your responses in the comment section below.

    In Tryst we Trust

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  • Wednesday
    Sep 8,2010

    Have you ever wondered what Swinging really is? There are a lot of misconceptions out there to what swinging actually entails, so let’s go over a few of the finer points to this time-honored trysting tradition.

    Swinging is social and sexual intercourse with someone other than your spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend. It can occur in a private residence, at a party or with a third person in a threesome. These couples like having sex with other people as well as, and along with, their regular partner. They can also get off on watching their partner have sex with someone else, like sharing their fantasies with their partner and other people or just enjoy having sex with lots of people.

    Also known as sharing, partner or wife swapping, it basically comes down to the fact that people involved in the swinging lifestyle are consenting adults enjoying the experience of having sexual relationships with multiple partners. You can find swinging communities throughout the world – this is an activity that knows no cultural boundaries!

    Here are a few of the situations and terms that couples look for when looking to swing with other partners:

    • Meeting a single guy or girl: Although it’s much easier to find a single man who wants to join in on your arrangement, there are always some adventuresome single gals out there who love to be the third wheel in a relationship. The easiest way to meet a single to join your group is on the Internet (using a dating site that caters to sexually adventurous people) or at speciality swinging clubs. Some clubs don’t allow single guys through their doors, but they do love the single ladies.
    • Swingers’ parties and clubs: If you live in a large urban center, you can be sure that there’s a party going on near you. To find them, Google your area for a local swingers’ community and start posting on their wall or blog posts. These websites cater to a tight knit group of trusted couples, so it may take a while to become part of the gang. When you do find a party, ask what the policy is for new comers, or what the activities will take place at the party. Some venues have different kinds of parties on different nights, so make sure you are aware of the type of party you will be going to.
    • Greedy girls: Now this is a cool kind of party, which involves a gathering up to about 6 girls and as many as 75 men (hence the name).
    • Swinger Spa: This is much like a Greedy Girls party, though most have a couples’ only area where you can get some action.

    In Tryst we Trust

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  • Outdoor Trysts

    Aug 18,2010

    The summer is fading quickly, so get out there and make the most of what’s left of it. The best way to do that is to take your tryst outside for some au natural fun. Here are our top 5 picks on how to tryst in the great outdoors.

    The Backyard: It’s your home turf and it offers all the wonders of the outdoors while still giving you a little privacy. Just hide behind the hedge or fence, and extra points if you use the swing set in your activities. Try this position: reverse cowgirl Guys – sit on a lounge or lawn chair with your legs outstretched. Girls – straddle him so you’re facing his feet. Put your hands on his thighs and firmly plant your feet on the ground on either side of the chair. You can also have him recline so he’s lying down, giving you even deeper penetration.

    Beach Party: The sea air can do wonders for your sex life. The sand, the surf and the easy access thanks to the bikini can be seductive. Look for a secluded spot shielded by rocks, and spread out a towel or blanket because you don’t want sand sticking to your nether regions. Try this position: girl on top Straddle him and dig your knees slightly into the blanket-covered sand. Rather than move up and down, stay close together and rub your clitoris against his pubic bone. When you sense that he’s on the brink of climax, switch to a figure-eight motion.

    Wet and Wild in the Water: Getting it on in the water can be pretty wild. But remember, water can wash away your own lubrication, so use a silicone-based lube. Try this position: standing up Wrap your legs around his waist (if you’re in the shower, have him lean you up against the wall for support) and push your swimsuit bottom to the side for easy access. Then throw your arms around his neck while he grabs your butt to control the pace.

    Sex Ahoy! Get it on it a small boat – there’s nothing more intimate than having sex in the middle of a large stretch of water out in the middle of nowhere. Try this position: spooning Lie on your back while he lies on his side facing you. Put your leg (the one closest to him) across his thighs and turn so your butt faces him while he enters you from behind. Move slowly and rhythmically together so you don’t rock the boat.

    Out in the woods: While you’re out hiking or mountain biking, stop and work up a different kind of sweat. Try this position: doggy style Lean on a big rock or a tree for support while he enters you from behind. His hands can stroke your other hot spots, and you can arch your back for deeper penetration.

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  • Tuesday
    Jul 27,2010

    Being eco-friendly doesn’t mean hairy legs, not showering and growing massively long dreadlocks – not necessarily sexy. We’ve come up with a list of reasons why going Green is sexy and can help you pick up a few Trysts while you’re at it!

    1. Baby, I want to save the planet for you: By becoming passionate and knowledgeable about a good cause, especially one such as as saving the earth, you’re proving to others (read: someone you’re trying to impress) that you care for others and think outside of yourself. Being sensitive to the environment has never been hotter (no Global Warming pun intended), and a Google search will bring up pages and pages of articles to get you well versed on the subject. Besides, who doesn’t love the dolphins (just look at Heroes hottie Hayden Panettiere – imagine getting arrested and sharing a jail cell with her. Cue porn music.)

    2. Clothing makes the man: Go Eco Chic! These days, going Green has never looked so good. You can get jeans that use environmentally dyeing and recycling techniques (UJeans:, shirts made from recycled polyester (we love the ones from Mountain Equipment Co.: and sexy lingerie made from organic cotton and soy (take a look at Eros & Isis delectable delicates: Even your local mall’s popular retail outlets carry a great selection of clothes that are made from or produced using eco approved practices. Added bonus: it means getting into your pants makes your partner an environmentalist too!

    3.Eating better=looking better: Eat organic produce and meats and the benefits will shine through. Without all those added chemicals, your skin will brighten and the toxins will start to leave your body, giving you more energy to spend on activities you enjoy (you won’t list them here, but most of them take place in the bedroom). The effects will be cumulative – the better you feel, the more you’ll want to take care of your temple, on the inside and out. And while beauty may be skin deep, we all know what a pretty package can do!

    4. Electric vehicles generate vehicles physical electricity too: Plug it in and get turned on. Have you ever gotten it on in electric car? Well then, that’s reason enough to buy one! It seems like there’s a new electric vehicle coming out every day – cars, trucks and motorcycles. On a serious note, with all the money you’re saving on fuel costs, that leaves some extra spending money for dates, going out and looking good.

    5. Save energy by turning out the lights: This one is a no-brainer. But just in case you need a more detailed explanation, please follow these steps: 1) Turn off the lights. 2) Get busy. 3) Rinse, lather, repeat. The benefits of turning off the lights and leaving them off are twofold – first is the “getting some” factor, and the second is the money you save on your hydro bill. It feels so good to do your part for MotherEarth, doesn’t it?

    6. Leonardo Dicaprio – He dates supermodels and does his part to save the earth. Coincidence? We think not.

    In Tryst we Trust

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  • You Trysted Where?!?

    May 12,2010

    We asked some of our favorite trysters the coolest or most exotic place they’ve ever had sex was. Here are a few of we just had to share:

    The coolest and most dangerous placed I have done the deed was on the back of a horse. A little bumpy but some of us like it like that. — Gary

    I had fantastic and fulfilling sex in a ski gondola. The lift ride was approximately 20 minutes. The sex was raw, quick, yet, needed. Talk about après ski. — Hope

    It may seem a little weird, but it was in a church in the pastor’s office on a leather couch. God saw all.  – -Angie

    At my girlfriend’s work (she works in a doctor’s office). She was the only one there, so we did it on the examination table. I laid her down and stood on the step on the end – the paper was crunching with every stroke. — Aaron

    On an airport runway. –John

    The coolest place I’ve had sex was in a swimming pool full of people. We were standing along the side of the pool and she hugged me and straddled me and we did it in front of about twenty people. –Steven

    I picked a girl up at a funeral and did her in the bathroom after the funeral… thought that was cool at the time. Damn, don’t ladies look so sexy in black? This one had black lace gloves, the works, she was so hot. –Ryan

    The wildest place I’ve ever had sex is on the turret of a 5″/54 gun mount on a destroyer in the navy. –David

    In the Mayan hotel in Puerto Penasco. It was in the middle of the pool on the rocks with the moon shining on us and security walking around. –Sarah

    The coolest/most exciting place I have ever had sex was on a commercial airplane with a stewardess in the galley… while on my return trip from Vietnam in 1969! –Marius

    I lost my cherry in a theater projection room while movie theater was packed with people and the movie was playing. –Darrell

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  • Tuesday
    Mar 30,2010

    Have you ever had a bad hair day? What about a bad pubic hair day? For many, “Crotch Coifing” is a daily ritual, as they spend as much time arranging their hair down there as they do as the hair on their head. Here are a few popular styles we’ve come across, along with the potential Ouch Factor involved.

    Natural: You like to let it all hang loose – your hair is a badge of honor! You don’t believe in trimming, even when you’re sporting Speedos. More prevalent on men than women, letting your pubic hair grow is often seen as a sign of virility, but with the rise of manscaping, we may be seeing an extinct breed. Ouch Factor: None, unless of course, your long and curlys get stuck in the zipper.

    Trimmed: There’s a bit of maintenance involved, but it’s a weekly or bi-weekly ritual (it really depends on who else is seeing it that day). The pubic hair is shortened but not removed or shaped – think of it as the equivalent of going to the barber and asking for a bit off the top. You done tame the growth of hair from spreading outward from your groin, you just contain it from the ends. Ouch Factor: None.

    Triangle: also known as the MC Hammer, this style emulates “chevrons” that the ‘90s singer had shaved into his left eyebrow. Your pubic hair is removed, most commonly by waxing, from the sides to form a triangle so that pubic hair. The Triangle ranges in size from the edge of your bikini line to up to an inch reduction on either side. Hair length varies, but it should be kept short so your Triangle keeps its shape. Ouch Factor: Low/Medium – depending on if you shave or wax. And although shaving initially hurts less, you may be prone to razor burn, which can itch like hell.

    Landing strip: You are ready for takeoff and clear for landing. The Landing Strip consists of a long, centered vertical rectangle that resembles an airplane landing strip, leaving a thin strip of hair lining down the front and center of the pubic region. Hair is removed from the sides to achieve this affect, usually by waxing as the results last longer. Popular with women who like a clean look but still enjoy a bit of hair down there. Ouch Factor: Medium/High – Take off may be a bit bumpy, but the results are worth it.

    Brazilian: This style became hot a few years ago, and even with its high Ouch Factor, people are still getting it done on a regular basis. Usually performed at a salon (we totally recommend that you do), the Brazilian removes pubic hair from the front all the way around to your butt crack. All that’s left is a small patch of hair centered, narrow stripe above the vulva approximately an inch in size. Ouch Factor: Ay carumba! This one is off the Richter scale, but those who have had it done tell us that it usually gets less painful after time, especially if performed by someone who knows what they’re doing.

    The Hollywood: The preferred style of celebrities and porn stars (men and women), the Hollywood style leaves nothing to the imagination. All your pubic hair is removed, either with a lot of wax or shaving. Waxing usually lasts long, but you really have to like pain to go through with it. Ouch Factor: Extremely high. Try having a couple of drinks before trying this one on for size.

    In Tryst we Trust

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  • Monday
    Feb 8,2010

    Variety is the spice of life – and that goes for sex too. Before you’re time is up, make sure you get you freak on in the following places.

    The hood of a car: Alternately, you could use the back of a pick-up truck, for a little added privacy, but for those of you who like the thrill of full exposure, the hood of a car is one of the hottest places to do it (especially if you’ve just parked it after a long drive) to do it. Never mind the back seat – that was so 9th grade. You may want to spread a blanket on the hood to avoid a stuck ass, but then again, the suction provides a better grip when thrusting.

    On a hike: Ahhh, nothing like a little fresh air and exercise to get you horny. The next time you hit the trails with your honey, plan on being one with nature while you’re au natural. You can do it standing up and leaning against a tree, or find a secluded patch of grass and stretch out a blanket. Either way, look out for angry mama bears, poisonous plants and pervy park rangers before you get busy.

    An exercise bench: We’re not talking about your local gym here – this is one you can do in your own home. An awesome way to work up a sweat and burn off some calories, use your exercise equipment in ways you’ve never thought of before.  Take the bench – soft and padded, the bench is adjustable, so you can lay it flat down or move it to the seated position. You get extra sexy points if your home gym has mirrors on every wall!

    In an elevator: Aerosmith knew what they were talking about when they wrote “Love in an Elevator”.  Most buildings have them (unless you’re in a walk-up, then improvises just do it in the stairwell), and if you’re lucky your office has one (for a nooner you don’t have to leave work for). Don’t expect anything more than a quickie, especially if the building experiences a lot of traffic, and be sure to check for video cameras, otherwise you may just be in for a surprise when you open the doors and step out to applause from the security guards.

    In a restaurant: Sometimes, you just can’t wait until the check arrives. That’s when it’s time to throw your partner a knowing looking and head to the restroom for a little à la cart sex. Try to do it before dessert, that way you can work up an appetite for something sweet. This type of rendezvous is tricky to pull off, but you may be in luck if the restaurant isn’t too busy and it has stalls for privacy.

    In Tryst we Trust

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  • Trysts to Try in the New Year

    Jan 15,2010

    Losing weight, finding a new job, spending more time with family and friends. Those are the same old boring resolutions you make every year. Now a show of hands – who actually follows through on them? Yep, we thought so. We thought we’d offer you some trysting resolutions that’ll be fun to keep – enjoy our list of sexual things to do in 2010.

    Sex in a car: When was the last time you got into the back seat and did the nasties? High school? It’s time to polish off that old favorite because it’s due for a comeback. Having sex in a car screams spontaneous – it’s fun, you don’t need a room reservation and there’s always the thrill of getting caught. And don’t limit it to the back seat – recline the front seat or get/give a BJer while parked on the side of the road. The possibilities are endless!

    Have sex with a co-worker: Have you been dreaming about the sexy guy in accounts receivable, or that hot girl in marketing, but just haven’t had the nerve to take it to the next level? Make this the year that you break out of your shell, flirt shamelessly with them and bend them over your boss’ desk (hopefully while your boss is out of the office for the day). Having a fling with a co-worker makes the work day that much more interesting – just keep those dirty emails to a minimum!

    Have a one-night stand: Ahhhh, remember your drunken college days. Ok, we don’t either, but we have blurry recollections of the one-nighters we used to pull. And there’s nothing quite like the ego-boost of a random pick-up for casual sex that will make you feel sexy and alive. It can be at a bar, the grocery store or even someone you met over the Internet. Just make sure it only lasts one night and never speak to them again – then cross it off your resolutions list.

    Buy a new sex toy: Sure, we all have the reliable old rabbit or handy sleeve, but make this the year to expand your toy box and add something totally new to your night stand drawer. It needs to be a toy you normally wouldn’t think about owning, whether it’s ben-wa balls, anal plugs or a starter bondage kit. That’s what makes it such a leap – trying something different, perhaps loving it and adding it into your regular rotation.

    Shave it off: This year, try something new with your pubes. If you normally just trim, go get a Brazilian. Already get it all shaved off? Let it grow in a bit and opt for a sassy heart or lightning bolt shape shaved in your furry patch. If you don’t like it, the good thing is it will all grow back soon enough.

    In Tryst we Trust!

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