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Apr 15,2017

We’re focusing on the different places you can go to get down dirty with your affair partner. Choosing the right place to take your affair to the next level can be challenging. You want somewhere private, where you won’t be spotted by friends, family, or co-workers. It has to be somewhere not too close yet not too far, so your odometer doesn’t betray you. Research these accommodations beforehand, so you know exactly what you’re getting. There is no room for errors when it comes to having a successful affair.


This is a cheap no-frills option for a few hours of privacy. Many motels will allow you to book 1-hour time slots so you can be home before bedtime if you need to. Motels are often very reasonably priced, but you get what you pay for. If the bedding, bathroom, or carpet have seen better days, it might affect the ambiance which might be a turn off. However, if you’re looking for something quick and dirty, a motel is the place for you.


A mid-priced hotel is a viable option for spending the night with your affair partner. Hotels offer different amenities, which can allow you more options for hooking up. You can take advantage of the pool or hot tubs in addition to the features available in your room. Look for a place that is within a comfortable driving distance that is also far enough away from your usual haunts. You don’t want to run into anyone you know.


Booking a couples massage can afford you some fleeting moments before or after your massage. Most spas do not allot more than 5 minutes to change into and out of your robes or clothing before the massage. Your best bet is for some quick foreplay or teasing in the room before moving things to the sauna for some dirty fun.

Remember that you do not want to create a paper trail, so don’t use your credit card to pay for anything to do with your affair. Use cash instead. If you don’t usually carry cash on you, you should start keeping medium to large amounts to avoid making your partner suspicious all at once.

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  • Date Ideas

    Oct 15,2016

    Figuring out where to take your affair partner can be tricky business. Going out anywhere for any amount of time, you run the risk of being seen. Even though you might not want to spend a lot of time in public, it can be refreshing to share a meal with your affair partner or see a show together.


    Where To Eat Dinner

    If you want to have dinner out, pick a place that you’re sure no one will recognize you even if you have to head out of town. Going the distance is worth it, considering the alternative is being caught. Another option is to have dinner at the hotel restaurant or get room service to your suite. For a few extra bones, you can get the concierge to send up flowers and candles to take it up a notch. Remember to pay for everything in cash.


    Where To Catch a Movie or Show

    If there are only one or two theatres in your city, chances are you will run into someone you know. Save yourself the trouble of getting caught and hop on over to the next town to catch the next show.


    Overnight Trip

    Plan trips that are a few hours away, either by car or a short flight, to maximize time spent with your affair partner. Putting in the travel time ensures that you won’t be recognized, and gives you more choice in what activities you can do. Visit a vineyard or a museum. Go out for brunch or have a nice dinner out. The possibilities are endless.

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  • Friday
    Jan 15,2016

    Now that the holidays are over, it’s time to get back into the game. All that time spent with family and friends was nice, but you need some me-time too. And, the best kind of me-time is sex with your affair partner. Here are some semi-public places to spice up your affair sex this month.



    All too often, affair sex happens behind closed doors—in hotel rooms, cars, at the office. Even though you’re playing it safe, after a while, it can become a little boring. The next time you’re booking a hotel room, try getting one with a balcony and having sex there. It feels extra hot because people may catch a glimpse of you doing the dirty.


    Hotel Pool

    Sneak into the pool after hours for some wet hot affair sex. You usually won’t get into any real trouble, since it’s not uncommon for people to go for a midnight dip. Just play the “it’s our first time and we’ll never do it again card”, and you’re good to go.


    Parking Lot

    For the times where you just can’t wait to get inside, get started in the parking lot but make it quick. Try to find a spot where no other cars are parked. Or, if you can get between two cars that just arrived, that’s good too. Make sure you use an air freshener or wash your car to get the sex smell out.



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  • Tuesday
    Oct 13,2015

    Choosing the place to start your tryst is as important as where you finish. Keep in mind you should probably stay mostly hands off until you’re somewhere more private in case someone you know sees you. Here are some places to meet your affair partner:


    Concert or Show

    Going to a concert or a show is a fun and readily available entertainment choice for any cheater. These are great public places for private meetings. You can even buy your tickets separately and coordinate to be seated together. Even though it may be crowded, you will mostly be in the dark so you don’t have to worry too much about snitching eyes.


    Large Casino

    A large casino is a great place to meet your affair partner because there are tons of different things to do even if you don’t enjoy gambling. Many casinos have shows or concerts going on for entertainment, as well as restaurants to eat at. After dinner, you can drink at the bar or head over to the lounge for some cocktails. At a large casino there are lots of great places for some private time, because we’re sure you’ll want some of that.


    In the Car

    Before heading home for the night, have a quickie in the car with your affair partner. Find somewhere to park and you’re golden. Make sure to Febreeze your car so it doesn’t smell like sex in there. Or if it’s windy, you can drive with the windows down for a half hour.


    Cheap Motel

    Cheap motels are the place to go if you’re looking for something quick and dirty. They have your essentials: 4 walls and a bed. Also, a shower, but it’s up to you if you want to use it. While not all cities and towns have a 4+ star hotel, most of them do have cheap motels.


    4 Star Hotel

    A 4 star hotel is the one stop shop for cheating. Even though it may be more expensive than some of the other options, you can enjoy the facilities and activities the hotel has to offer. You can go for a swim, relax in the sauna, and let things get a little steamy in the hot tub. If you’re hungry, there’s good food and room service to take advantage of. The best part of going to a higher end hotel is that you have entertainment, food, and a place to stay the night.


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  • Friday
    Jun 12,2015

    The rush of forbidden acts. The longing that comes from waiting. Here are 4 ways that affair sex trumps sex with your wife or husband.


    Everything is new and exciting

     Just like how kids get sick of playing with the same old toys, even though they might have an old favorite, it’s hard to resist the allure of something shiny and new. With an affair partner, everything is new again. The way their body feels, the way they smell, the way they laugh. The intrigue of meeting someone new comes from the air of mystery. You don’t’ know how they are going to taste or how it feels to hold their hand. With your partner, these things are old news. The best part about having an affair partner is that they can be replaced, with some work.


    New places to do the dirty

    The game of cheating hearts is not for the unimaginative. Since you can’t bring your affair partner around to any place your partner might frequent, you have to get a little creative with where to meet up. Think of how great hotel sex is, and then imagine having that every time you see your affair partner. The excitement comes from having sex in a new place, and that’s pretty much all you’re doing with your new sex partner. Go on and enjoy!


    Explore your fantasies

    When you’re in a long and stable relationship, it can be difficult to sexually try new things, because you and your partner have likely developed some sort of routine-sex that might be pretty vanilla by now. The hard part is bringing up new things to try for fear of feeling vulnerable and being judged. When you have an affair, trying out new fantasies are often easier. In an affair, you are more carefree and that means in bed too. You can express your desires and fantasies without being worried about rejection because you’re not going to spend the rest of your life with them anyway. Give threesomes, sex games, role playing, or BDSM a try. There’s tons of ways to spice up your sex life.


    No emotional baggage

    Sometimes out-of-bed problems can find their way into they bedroom anyway. Problems with finance, relationship issues, or just one too kids’ birthday parties can tire you out and leave you ambivalent to having sex with your partner. Time spent away from your family and with your affair partner instead is more free and easy. You don’t have the awkwardness of your last disagreement, the everyday nagging, and the endless to-do lists looming over you. It’s no wonder the sex is better.

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  • Wednesday
    Nov 9,2011

    Sometimes, taking your latest Tryst home is out of the question. When the moment calls for it, you’ll have to be creative when it comes to finding a place to hookup. And we’ve come up with a list of places you might not have thought of that will come in handy when it’s time to get your Tryst on!

    Motel: We know, it’s a little cliché, but if you need to do it on a bed, nothing beats a cheap motel room. It doesn’t have to be fancy, because you’re not there for the ambience. A motel offers privacy and anonymity, and once you’re done, you don’t have to clean up after yourself. That being said, remember that the cheaper motels don’t put a premium on cleanliness, so if that’s important to you, you’ll need to fork over a couple of extra bucks and make reservations at a swanky motel.

    Car: For the more daring Trysters out there, the backseat of a car makes due in a pinch. However, you and your companion are a little exposed to the outside world, thanks to all those windows. This may not be a problem if you had the foresight to get them tinted! Be sure to park in a private location – the last thing you need is an audience (unless you’re into that kind of thing). And lock the doors – we’ve all seen enough horror movies to see what happens if you don’t!

    Tent: Go ahead and pitch a tent. Not that kind of tent – we’re talking about a camping tent. There’s nothing like roughing it in the great outdoors and doing it like the animals, with a little added privacy, of course. Just be sure not to set up camp in a populated area, like your neighbor’s front lawn. Take a hike out of town and pitch your tent somewhere secluded… that way, you can be as loud as you’d like.

    Public Bathroom: Bring your hand sanitizer with you if you’re going to hookup with your Tryst in a public bathroom. A little gross, we know, but if it’s just going to be a wham, bam, thank you ma’am kind of Tryst, head to a restroom. Be sure to lock the door behind you – it would suck to be interrupted by someone with a weak bladder in the middle of coitus.

    Work Office: Hey, it’s after hours, so it’s not like anyone else is using it. At night, there’s no one around… except for the cleaning staff, so you’ll just have to put your garbage can outside your door if you don’t want any interruptions. Just make sure to use your own office and not your bosses. If you get caught, you can pretty much say goodbye to a year-end bonus.

    A Buddy’s Place: This works well if you have single friends. They won’t mind if you use their couch or spare bedroom for a quick Tryst. Just don’t make it a habit, only use their place every once in a while. If you’re hooking up more than them, it may get their panties in a knot.

    In Tryst We Trust

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