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Sep 15,2016

So, you want to cheat, but it’s your first time. You want someone to teach you how and tell you it’s okay. You’ve come to the right place. Here’s what you do.


Make The Choice

If you want to cheat, you need to know that it’s a life changer. After you cheat once, it’s hard to stop because of the rush and the hot sex. It’s addicting. If you decide to keep going, you’ll need to get set up with ramping up your cash withdrawls, getting an secret email account, and other measures to keep your affair private. You might feel guilty. If you do, then you’ll have to deal with the emotional and physical repercussions. Or, you might feel nothing. Either way, you have a choice to make.


Find The Right Affair Partner

There is more than one way to do this. Cheating sites like Sweet Discreet make it easy to find an affair partner, all the while keeping your personal details private. Ideally, you want to find someone who is also in a relationship because they will be less likely to rat you out seeing as you have the same things at stake.


Get Set Up For Success

A good cheater is a good liar. You need to learn how to lie about where you are, who you were with, along with a slew of other things. Rehearse confrontational conversations so you know what you’re going to say. Only use cash for anything related to your affair, and slowly ramp up the amounts. Otherwise, your partner might get suspicious. Make reservations at places you wouldn’t usually go to, and under a different name.

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  • Monday
    Aug 15,2016

    When a relationship starts with an affair, it can be difficult to build the trust needed to have a lasting relationship. It is time to really do some introspection and figure out why you cheated in the first place. Because, knowing why you cheated will help you avoid cheating in the future.


    Sexually Neglected

    If you were feeling sexually neglected with your previous partner, ask yourself how things are different this time around. Perhaps your affair partner is open to trying new things in bed that your previous partner was not. Perhaps your affair partner is more attentive to your needs. Whatever the reason, speak openly to your new partner about what your needs are.


    Lacking Emotional Support

    Maintaining a relationship takes time and effort. It’s work. Luckily, what you put in is what you get back in most cases. If you’re not getting the emotional support you need from your current partner, ask yourself if you will with your new one. What makes your two relationships different? Once you figure this out, ensure that you do what you can to be supportive and be open to feedback, so you avoid getting into a second rocky relationship.


    Feeling Unappreciated

    After years of being married, it’s common to overlook all the small things you do for each other. Did you go out of your way to help them out? Did you do something thoughtful for them when they had a bad day? If your partner doesn’t appreciate you, it’s normal to seek out a partner that does.










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  • Friday
    Jul 15,2016

    Like any kind of dating, there are do’s and don’ts of affair dating that will keep things running smoothly on all fronts. Especially if your affair isn’t with a stranger, there’s even more at stake. Remember to stay sharp, and never get caught.


    Do Use Protection

    Always use protection! One surefire way to out yourself is by giving your partner a nasty infection that you caught from your sidepiece. Think about how awful that conversation would be. Just avoid the whole thing by using protection.


    Do Hold Out For The Holidays

    As much as you want to see your affair partner for every holiday, it’s better to wait it out. After spending the day with your family and friends, they’re more likely to wonder where you are and what you’re doing. My advice would be to wait 2 weeks after any holiday before hooking up with your affair partner.


    Don’t Over-Share

    If you’re meeting someone new for a discreet encounter, don’t share too many details about your identity or personal life. Remember, they are a wildcard and you don’t want them showing up at your house or place of work as an unwelcome surprise.


    Don’t Dip Your Pen In The Company Ink

    Even though it might seem like a good idea, because you already know them, sleeping with someone from work is always a mistake. It can get awkward around the office, and there is the possibility of it complicating your work life in other ways like obstructing promotions or having it used to blackmail you. Be smart and just say pass.






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  • Wednesday
    Jun 15,2016

    Back To Basics. Cheating 101.

    Cheating is all fun and games until you get caught. Whether you’re new to having affairs or a veteran cheater, it’s a good thing to remember these details while you’re out trysting. Don’t make newbie mistakes like using your credit card or driving your own car straight to the motel.


    Use a Burner Phone

    One of the easiest ways to raise suspicion in your partner is by changing your phone habits. Adding a passcode to your phone to avoid prying eyes and broken hearts looks super suspicious. Similarly with taking “business” calls or responding to emails and texts in another room. Your best bet is to get a burner phone. Either a pay as you go or basic plan that will set you back about 30 bucks, but will be totally worth it.


    Cash over Cards

    Never use any cards to pay for anything-tryst related. Your partner can easily find out when and where you are using this information. There are very few reasons for you to check into a hotel for a few hours in the afternoon or late at night, and none of them are good. When paying for things using cash, forgo the receipts or keep them hidden away for budgeting reasons.


    Your Appearance

    If you start hitting the gym and looking extra sharp, your partner is going to wonder why. Changing up colognes? Forget about it. Look the same, smell the same. It’s the safest bet.


    Watch The Mileage

    Whether you realize it or not, your partner knows your entire routine including how long it takes you to get to work and back, and how long it takes you to pick up milk at the grocery store. Don’t drive your car to your cheating locale. Instead, leave it at work if you said you’re working late. If you’re heading out of town for a conference, park your car at the airport. Rental cars and taxis are easy to come by, and this saves you the grief of having to explain why the tracker or GPS they planted said you went to a motel instead.

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  • Sunday
    May 15,2016

    Last month we talked about reasons why an open relationship might work for you. If you’ve decided to give it a try, there are a few types you can choose to try with your partner. Some of the differences between these types of relationships come down to variations on exclusivity. Remember, it’s important to communicate your needs and clearly delineate what you are both comfortable with.


    Multi-Partner Relationships

    This type of relationship occurs between 3 or more partners where a romantic and or sexual relationship can but does not need to occur between all parties involved. If you and your partner both want to have relationships with other people, this configuration of relationship might work for you. There is a non-exclusivity to this type of relationship that differentiates it from polyamorous relationships.



    Swingers can be single or partners in a relationship that engage in sexual relations with others as a social activity. Either partner in the open relationship can swing or the couple can swing together with the intention that others will join in.


    Hybrid Relationships

    Hybrid relationships are relationships where one member is monogamous and the other is not. In this type of relationship, the partner that is non-monogamous is able to engage in romantic and sexual relations with other people.



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  • Friday
    Apr 15,2016

    An open relationship is when two people agree to be together in a non-monogamous relationship. This means that either person can be romantically or intimately involved with other people in casual terms such as dating or longer term relationships like marriage. If you’re looking for any kind of relationship outside of your partner and you don’t want to lie about it, maybe an open relationship is the relationship for you.


    In Love and Don’t Want To End It

    You can fall in love with more than one person, and when it happens, it can be a cause for contention in many relationships. If you’ve fallen in love with someone else, but don’t want to end the relationship you’re already in, an open relationship may the solution you’re looking for.


    Needs Are Unfulfilled

    One or both partners may have needs that are not being fulfilled by the other. These needs may be intellectual or sexual. Perhaps there is a lack of companionship or similar interests. If these elements cannot be found in the relationship, finding a partner outside of the relationship can fill the void and leave everyone satisfied.


    Non-Monogamous by Nature

    If one or both of you are non-monogamous by nature, you want to have your cake and eat it too, why fight your natural urges? Be in an open relationship.


    Desire For Challenges

    Being in an open relation may cause jealousy, attachment, or possessiveness, which are all challenges for any relationship to work through. Working through these issues and openly dealing your emotions can be very satisfying and lead to greater self-awareness that strengthens your existing relationship.



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  • Spring Flings

    Mar 15,2016

    With spring around the corner, it’s time for something new and exciting. With online dating, it’s easier than ever to line up some spring flings this month. Remember, be smart and you won’t get caught. Here are some tips on how to clean up your dating profile and attract fellow cheaters.


    Use a Cheating Site

    If you’re looking for an affair partner on anything other than a cheating site, you need to stop. With the popularity of online dating, using a regular dating site will get you caught. Try a dating site like Sweet Discreet. With that said, even on cheating sites you need to be careful with what information and photos you share with the public.


    Keep Your Face Shots Under Lock and Key

    Try not to show your full face in any public photos. Many cheating websites have an option to keep specific photos or albums private. You can share them with the lucky few of your choosing. That’s where you should put photos of your face or ones that give away your identity like photos of your tattoos.


    Be Brief and Engaging

    No one wants to read your life story. Keep your dating profile short and sweet. Be brief and be engaging. When you reach out to potential affair partners, ask them about themselves and their interests.


    The Best Partner Is The Most Discreet Partner

    In a dream world, all our first picks also know how to keep their mouths shut but that is not always true. Chances are if they’re talking about past cheaters they’ve been with, they’ll talk about you too. That’s why I always say the best partner is the most discreet partner.

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  • Saturday
    Feb 13,2016

    If you want to keep your affair under wraps, instead of going out for Valentine’s Day with your affair partner, have a night in. With all the other couples out for the evening, who knows how many unwelcome eyes and ears you could attract. Here are some small ways you can make a night in with your affair partner extra special.


    Gift Flowers

    Bringing flowers signals the start of a date night that’s more than just watching Netflix and ordering in Chinese. It’s a small gift that goes a long way, with bonus points awarded for knowing their favorite blooms.


    Make Dinner

    Nothing says old school romance like a homemade dinner and a bottle of wine. Pro tip: you can even do some practice runs of the meal with your wife or husband first. This way you’ll know exactly how to spice the meat, how long it takes to reduce the sauce, and how long it takes for dessert to set. This meal should be something personalized and delicious. Maybe it’s a version of the first meal you ever had together. Or, it’s all their favorite foods in one meal. Whether you decide to cook together or prepare it on your own, bring some music to set the mood and provide some light entertainment while dinner’s getting ready.


    Post Dinner Activities

    Sex. Obviously. But, if you want to warm up with something else first, you can try giving each other massages. Using massage oil makes the experience go smoother and smells amazing. Light some candles for mood lighting and put on some relaxing music. Enjoy!


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  • Friday
    Jan 15,2016

    Now that the holidays are over, it’s time to get back into the game. All that time spent with family and friends was nice, but you need some me-time too. And, the best kind of me-time is sex with your affair partner. Here are some semi-public places to spice up your affair sex this month.



    All too often, affair sex happens behind closed doors—in hotel rooms, cars, at the office. Even though you’re playing it safe, after a while, it can become a little boring. The next time you’re booking a hotel room, try getting one with a balcony and having sex there. It feels extra hot because people may catch a glimpse of you doing the dirty.


    Hotel Pool

    Sneak into the pool after hours for some wet hot affair sex. You usually won’t get into any real trouble, since it’s not uncommon for people to go for a midnight dip. Just play the “it’s our first time and we’ll never do it again card”, and you’re good to go.


    Parking Lot

    For the times where you just can’t wait to get inside, get started in the parking lot but make it quick. Try to find a spot where no other cars are parked. Or, if you can get between two cars that just arrived, that’s good too. Make sure you use an air freshener or wash your car to get the sex smell out.



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  • Thursday
    Dec 10,2015

    The holidays are almost here and our to-do list is miles long. Buying and wrapping presents. Surviving the check out lines and the parking lots. Scheduling events with family and friends. Stressing out during events with family and friends. It’s never ending, so why don’t you do yourself a favor and have a little tryst? If you’re not convinced, here’s 3 reasons why you should.


    1) Problems are magnified

    With the stress and exhaustion of running holiday errands, all of the problems of your relationship are magnified. The nagging and belittling is already getting old, but when you have to food and alcohol to pick up, people to arrange plans with, and little ones to feed, then it can start to feel extremely overwhelming and stifling. No one wants to be constantly reminded of the chores they didn’t do (properly), when it all comes down to preference. The worst part is that even after the holidays, there’s no break from all of this. So, if you want someone who respects, admires, and desires you, it’s best to look outside of your marriage this holiday season. There’s plenty of women at work, the gym, and through online dating that are looking for the same thing: an affair partner who won’t judge you and understands you.


    2) Reminded of what’s missing:

    Even though you’re there for tree trimming, house decorating, and holiday shopping, it’s easy to feel neglected. It’s hard to really care about these things when traditions feel more like chores, and you’re expected to enjoy and look forward it. I mean come on, who actually enjoys doing chores? Then, at the end of the day, the love and affection you need to get you through the next day isn’t there. Asking to have your needs fulfilled can leave you feeling vulnerable and weak, and with all of the work to do, why bother bringing up another thing to fight about? Your affair partner doesn’t care if you don’t put up the Christmas lights this weekend. Your affair partner doesn’t care if you didn’t use the right wrapping paper. They certainly won’t expect you to put up with their family. So, there’s really no reason to not have an affair.


    3) Just plain bored:

    While she’s singing along to Christmas classics, baking with the kids, and sipping on some eggnog, you’re only half checked in. And, who can blame you? It’s the same thing every year. Plus, there’s all the stress and work leading up to and after. No thanks.



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