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Nov 8,2013

Having an affair is a risky proposition. Before you decide to take such a step you should consider the potential ramifications and decide if you are willing to run the risk. Assuming you are willing to take the risk of setting up a tryst we have some advice on how to mitigate it.

 Step 1 – Secret Email

Hotmail, Yahoo and Gmail all give you free, easy ways of creating a way to communicate clandestinely. Use them to sign up to discreet dating sites and for all communications between yourself and your potential tryst partner(s).

Step 2 – Anonymous Phone number

There are many services that will setup a new, anonymous phone number that connects to your regular cell number. Any incoming and outgoing calls through this number will be disguised and won’t leave a trail.

Step 3 – Discreet Dating

Many dating sites out there cater to the already attached crowd. Use your new secret email to sign up and find potential partners who are looking for a secret tryst as well.

Step 4 – Delete your history

Make sure you routinely delete your browser history and remove all potentially incriminating emails from your secret email account. Many browsers offer plugins which can do this automatically for you.

Step 5 – Keep your mouth shut

Loose lips sink ships. Do not tell anyone, friends, coworkers etc. about your plans to have an affair.

Step 6 – Gift Credit Cards

Debit and Credit card transactions leave a trail. Use cash to purchase Gift credit cards and use these for all expenses related to your trysting activities, even your membership to that discreet dating site.

Keep in mind that having an affair will not be quite as fun as you probably imagined. The stress of hiding your activities and the guilt you may or may not feel will have an effect on both your current relationship and the tryst itself. Continuously reassess your reasons for having an affair and determine if it is worth the risk to continue.

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  • Thursday
    Sep 20,2012

    Celebrities cheat too. Just because you are married to a drop dead gorgeous model, or a handsome leading man, doesn’t guarantee happiness and it certainly doesn’t guarantee relationship longevity.  Sometimes we are surprised by celebrity affairs and sometimes we saw it coming a mile away! Apparently even the gorgeous people need to spice up their marriage a bit! Let’s have a look at the top 5 celebrity cheaters of the last 10 years.

    1: Kristen Stewart / Robert Pattinson / Rupert Sanders

    AKA Twi-gate. Unless you have been living under a rock for the last 3 years or so, you know about the Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson love connection. Born of the Twilight series of movies about a girl who falls in love with a sparkly vampire, they were celebrated the world over by throngs of “Twihards” as the perfect couple. That devotion quickly turned to death threats and disappointment when Kristen penned a public apology to Robert for her affair with her married director (Snow White and the Huntsman) Rupert Sanders.

    2: Brad Pitt / Jennifer Aniston / Angelina Jolie / Billy Bob Thornton / Laura Dern

    AKA Brangelina. Once the most beautiful couple ever, Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt split after 5 years of marriage (2000-2005) when rumours of Brad’s affair with co-star Angelina Jolie surfaced during the filming of Mr and Mrs Smith. Although both Brad and Angelina denied the affair Jolie has been quoted saying she can’t wait for her kids to be old enough to watch the movie “where their parents fell in love.” This isn’t Angelina’s first time as the other woman, as she began a relationship with Billy Bob Thornton when he was engaged to Laura Dern during the shooting of Pushing Tin.

    3: Sandra Bullock / Jessie James / Michelle McGee

    As shocking as the pairing was in the beginning, the marriage of America’s sweetheart Sandra Bullock and tattoo and danger loving Jessie James seemed to work. It was less of a shock when, shortly after thanking him during her Best Actress Oscar acceptance speech, the world found out that James had been cheating on Bulloch with tattoo model, Michelle McGee. Despite a public apology and a stint in rehab for sex addiction, Sandra put Jesse in her past and has moved on with her life and her career.

    4: Tiger Woods / Elin Woods / Jaimee Grubbs / Rachel Uchitel / David Boreanaz

    Internationally famous sports celebrity marries Au Pair/Lingerie Model. That has to work right? Apparently not, police were called to an automotive accident at the Woods mansion when their SUV was involved in a crash with the neighbour’s tree and a fire hydrant. Rumours swirled that the couple was fighting in the car after wife Elin had found out about Tiger’s numerous affairs. Incriminating text messages and an ill advised voice mail to Jamiee Grubbs soon had Woods in hot water. Over the next few months women seemingly came out of the wood work to claim relationships with the golf superstar.  This twisted path included an alleged affair with Rachel Uchitel (a New York Nightclub hostess) who has also admitted to an affair with David Boreanaz.

    5: Ashton Kutcher / Demi Moore / Sara Leal

    While this May-December romance gave ‘experienced’ ladies the world over hope, it was doomed from the start. I guess a 15 year age difference was too much for the ‘That 70s Show’ star. After 6 years of marriage, Kutcher allegedly cheated on Moore in San Diego with 22 year old Sara Leal. She sold a pretty convincing story to the tabloids detailing their naked partying at the Hard Rock Cafè. The affair affected Demi to the point she ended up in rehab for exhaustion and the pair divorced in 2011.


    Okay, I hear you, what about the Arnold Schwarzenegger affair? We covered that in an earlier article!

    To those married folks in Hollywood I offer a little advice: If you must cheat, have a discreet affair with someone who has just as much to lose if discovered as you do! You are much less likely to get caught that way.

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  • Tuesday
    Mar 20,2012

    MAGOG, QUE.—A couple’s romantic Valentine’s Day tryst unexpectedly wound up as a ménage à trois — the added participant being the local police.

    Plans for a naughty night involving handcuffs went awry when the couple realized they’d lost the key. It eventually fell upon the man to make an awkward phone call to law-enforcement authorities, requesting help to free the woman.

    Police in southeastern Quebec received the call Wednesday morning, the day after Valentine’s. They believe the woman had been stuck there for hours.

    But they’re not sure, precisely, how long it had been: “We didn’t ask,” said a police spokesman.–valentine-s-day-tryst-in-quebec-ends-in-embarrassing-call-to-police


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  • Wednesday
    Nov 9,2011

    Sometimes, taking your latest Tryst home is out of the question. When the moment calls for it, you’ll have to be creative when it comes to finding a place to hookup. And we’ve come up with a list of places you might not have thought of that will come in handy when it’s time to get your Tryst on!

    Motel: We know, it’s a little cliché, but if you need to do it on a bed, nothing beats a cheap motel room. It doesn’t have to be fancy, because you’re not there for the ambience. A motel offers privacy and anonymity, and once you’re done, you don’t have to clean up after yourself. That being said, remember that the cheaper motels don’t put a premium on cleanliness, so if that’s important to you, you’ll need to fork over a couple of extra bucks and make reservations at a swanky motel.

    Car: For the more daring Trysters out there, the backseat of a car makes due in a pinch. However, you and your companion are a little exposed to the outside world, thanks to all those windows. This may not be a problem if you had the foresight to get them tinted! Be sure to park in a private location – the last thing you need is an audience (unless you’re into that kind of thing). And lock the doors – we’ve all seen enough horror movies to see what happens if you don’t!

    Tent: Go ahead and pitch a tent. Not that kind of tent – we’re talking about a camping tent. There’s nothing like roughing it in the great outdoors and doing it like the animals, with a little added privacy, of course. Just be sure not to set up camp in a populated area, like your neighbor’s front lawn. Take a hike out of town and pitch your tent somewhere secluded… that way, you can be as loud as you’d like.

    Public Bathroom: Bring your hand sanitizer with you if you’re going to hookup with your Tryst in a public bathroom. A little gross, we know, but if it’s just going to be a wham, bam, thank you ma’am kind of Tryst, head to a restroom. Be sure to lock the door behind you – it would suck to be interrupted by someone with a weak bladder in the middle of coitus.

    Work Office: Hey, it’s after hours, so it’s not like anyone else is using it. At night, there’s no one around… except for the cleaning staff, so you’ll just have to put your garbage can outside your door if you don’t want any interruptions. Just make sure to use your own office and not your bosses. If you get caught, you can pretty much say goodbye to a year-end bonus.

    A Buddy’s Place: This works well if you have single friends. They won’t mind if you use their couch or spare bedroom for a quick Tryst. Just don’t make it a habit, only use their place every once in a while. If you’re hooking up more than them, it may get their panties in a knot.

    In Tryst We Trust

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  • When They Find Out About The Tryst

    Sep 8,2011

    So, what happens when your significant other finds out about your tryst? Here’s one way to handle it…


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  • Tuesday
    Jul 12,2011

    You’ve thought about asking your Tryst to join you and your partner for a threesome romp. Good for you! This is one sexual experience you’re going to remember for the rest of your life… trust us on this! But before embarking on this type of Tryst, there are things you should keep in mind and some threesome rules to abide by. By following these basic threesome rules, you’ll be able to side-step some common mistakes and get the most out of your ménage à trois.

    Establish the Rules: We can’t stress this one enough. Before starting, understand everyone’s rules and limits, so you can respect comfort levels and have fun. In regards to your main partner, the relationship will be affected by the threesome, so be clear on what you can and can’t do during the experience. Someone may get jealous, so try not to pay too much attention to the new partner in the threesome. Remember, the fun of a threesome is to share sex between three people, so be respectful and everyone will have a good time.

    Be a Giver: You may want to be the center of attention, but it’s not going to happen that way. To get over the disappointment, be generous. This means putting your hands and mouth into high gear and using them to turn your partners on.  Enjoy any attention that comes your way and reciprocate as much as you can.

    Keep Busy: If you’re feeling a little left out, it’s time to keep busy (and no, this is not a good time to go make yourself a sandwich). Take the initiative and give yourself something to do, like fondling a body part or engaging in some oral sex. You can even pleasure yourself for a bit – it will probably turn your partners on to watch you.

    Penetration Rules: As soon as there’s penetration, there’s someone being left out. So penetration should happen only when everyone is ready for it. If you’re the one with the penis, be sure to pay attention to both women. It’s natural to pay more attention to the person you’re penetrating, but it’s important to give the other women attention too. Kiss her, caress her and make her feel sexy. Because of this pleasure overload, make sure to take it slow and pace yourself so you don’t finish before everyone else is done (that’s just rude).

    In Tryst We Trust

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  • Political Trysts

    Jun 21,2011

    It seems like Political Trysts are all the rage these days. You can’t go to a gossip site without reading about which politician has been cheating on his wife. We’re going to go over a few government officials who have been thrust into the spotlight for getting caught with their pants down this year.

    Anthony Weiner: The world is a-Twitter about this sexting scandal, dubbed Weinergate. The married Democratic U.S. Congressman used Twitter to send a picture of his boxer brief-clad erect penis to several women. At first, he denied posting the image and said his account had been hacked. It wasn’t long after when he backtracked and admitted to sending sexually explicit photos and messages to about six women over a three-year period. After the public learned that his wife was pregnant, news followed that Weiner was stepping down from his post.

    Arnold Schwarzenegger: How surprised were you when you heard about Arnold’s affair with his live in maid? Rumors of his transgressions had been reported for years, so this one certainly wasn’t a shock. The stunning announcement that he had a 10-year-old son with the maid made us take notice though. Not only that, but the fact that he was born a week apart from his son with Maria Shriver… yep, that’s a little ballsy. In fact, Maria used to joke about how much the maid’s son looked like Arnold. Now that the news has hit the fan, Maria has moved out and reportedly hired a divorce lawyer. It looks like she won’t be back.

    John Edwards: The affair between the presidential hopeful and his mistress is old news, but now that he’s been charged with breaking campaign finance laws by using political funds to cover up his affair and out-of-wedlock child with Rielle Hunter during his 2008 presidential run, it’s front page once again. Late last year, his wife Elizabeth died of cancer, which didn’t help his public standing. With this charge looming over his head, we’re wondering how long it will be before his not-so-secret tryst Rielle flies the coop (it may have something to do with the fact that if he’s convicted, Edwards faces up to 30 years in prison and a $1.5 million fine).

    In Tryst We Trust

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  • Wednesday
    Jun 1,2011

    Since Arnold Schwarzenegger and his wife, Maria Shriver, announced their split, the world as been craving more juicy gossip about the Tryst that set the wheels in motion. Since you need to know the back story that goes along with the Tryst, we’re going to break down the events leading up to the split of the power couple, and take a look at the woman who help bring them down.

    1991: Mildred Patricia Baena, the mistress in question, is hired to work as a housekeeper and assistant at Arnold and Maria’s Pacific Palisades estate.

    Early 1997: The trysting between Patty and Arnold begins. We’re not sure if it was a one-time deal or it went on for a long period of time, but what is certain is that Patty gets knocked up with Arnold’s love child.

    Sept. 27, 1997: Maria gives birth to Christopher Sargent Shriver Schwarzenegger.

    Oct. 2, 1997: Five days later, Patty’s son is born. The father listed on the birth certificate is listed as Patty’s husband.

    Oct. 23, 1997: Just 21 days after the birth of her son, Patty separates from her husband of 10 years, Rogelio de Jesus Baena.

    Fall 2003: When Schwarzenegger’s starts his run for California governor, tales of his sexual misconduct hits the news. To deflect the tabloids, he and Shriver appear on The Oprah Winfrey Show, where Shriver defended her husband’s antics. Strange as it sounds, the media doesn’t uncover the illegitimate child.

    Feb. 13, 2008: Patty files for divorce from Rogelio de Jesus. She cites irreconcilable differences, and papers state that the couple are listed as having no children together, despite Baena’s name being on the boy’s birth certificate.

    January 2011: Arnold leaves the governor position and tells Maria of the tryst. Not surprising, she moves  out and into a hotel.

    May 9, 2011: Maria and Arnold announce their separation. Nothing is mentioned about the tryst or his secret son.

    May 17, 2011: The other shoe drops, as Arnold tells the world about his the illegitimate child that was conceived during his marriage to Shriver.

    May18, 2011: The next day, the world leans that a 20-year employee of Arnold’s is his mistress.

    As the drama continues to unfold, we’ll keep you up to date with the latest Arnold Trysting deets!

    In Tryst We Trust

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  • Wednesday
    May 18,2011

    How can you keep your marriage strong? You can try having a tryst! We know, you may be scratching you head over that one, but it’s true. Here are a few reasons why having a tryst can actually save your relationship.

    Helps you be a better partner: For some people, having a tryst helps them be a better partner.  You may be going through a rough patch in your marriage or you are sexually frustrated, and finding another outlet can help. Many people have saved their relationship because they are allowed to tryst, and if they hadn’t, the relationship may have ended.

    Same old, same old: Just because you want to taste roast beef every once in awhile, it doesn’t mean that you want to give up hamburgers. The same goes for long-term relationships and quick trysts. Sure, you’re having the same sex that you’ve had for years, but you want to try someone different occasionally to truly appreciate what you have waiting for you in the bedroom.

    No sex at all: You love your partner, but they’ve decided they don’t want to sex. Otherwise, your relationship is great. You don’t want to break up the home or the finances to get a little something, something on the side. A tryst now and again will satisfy those urges without having to get a costly divorce. Now you’ve got everything you need, just from two different places.

    We’re on a break: Ross had it right when he had a tryst with the girl from the copy shop while he and Rachel were on a break (and in the end, they still ended up together). If you’ve broken up with someone or had a fight, sometimes it’s good to get things of your chest (and your loins). A tryst can help you work out the feelings of anger, and you go back to your partner with a clear and level head.

    Open and honest: People who enjoy an open relationship are open and honest with each other. Their trysts allow them to be who they really are without trying to hide or cover it up. By sleeping with other people, they can stay true to themselves as well as being in a committed relationship. Yes, they truly have the best of both worlds!

    In Tryst We Trust

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  • Royal Trysts

    Apr 14,2011

    In honor of Kate and Prince William’s wedding, which takes place Friday, April 29, 2011, we wanted to take a look at all the famous royal trysts that have taken place over the course of history. Here’s to a long and happy marriage you two!

    Napoleon and Josephine

    Napoleon Bonaparte was just a soldier in the French military when he met Josephine, a beautiful and widowed mother of two. The short and homely man had his work cut out for him, but he eventually got his way and they were married in 1796. After the wedding, he left on a series of military campaigns, while Josephine embarked on her own series of adulterous affairs. They stayed together, until he became emperor and wanted a son to carry on his royal lineage. They divorced in 1809 and he married 18-year-old Marie Louise of Austria, who gave him a son.

    Prince Edward and Wallis Simpson

    Edward, the handsome Prince of Wales and heir to the British throne, changed the course of his life, as well as that of British history, when he fell in love with Wallis Warfield Simpson,  a woman who was not only American, but also married.

    The two met at a party in 1931 and started their affair, but she did not become separated from her husband until 1934. When Edward became king, his relationship with Simpson made parliament more than a little nervous. He decided to abdicate the throne when he “found it impossible to carry the heavy burden” of being king without the support of “the woman he loved.”

    His younger brother, Albert, became King George VI, and Edward was made the Duke of Windsor. King George made sure that his brother kept the courtesy title of His Royal Highness, but he also pointedly decreed that should he marry Wallis, she (and any children they produced) would be denied royal status. After Simpson’s divorce in 1937, Edward and Wallis were married in a small ceremony and spent most of the rest of their lives in France.

    Anne Boleyn and Henry VIII

    Anne captured the attention of King Henry VIII when she entered the service of Queen Katharine of Aragon. At the time, her sister Mary was already his mistress, but Mary was soon kicked out of bed to make way for Anne. Once embedded in this passionate tryst, Anne demanded that the king marry her and she waited nearly seven years for Henry to obtain an annulment. They wed in 1533 but she was unable to give Henry the son he desperately wanted. Anne was executed on false charges of witchcraft, incest and adultery in 1536. On the bright side, her daughter, Elizabeth, would become England’s greatest queen.

    Charles and Camilla

    The most famous of recent royal trysts has to be the one between William’s father Charles and Camilla Parker. Prince Charles was immediately captivated by the earthy, sexy, outspoken young woman who shared his love of dogs, horses and the countryside. She spoke her mind, which must have been refreshing to a man used to servants and hangers-on. They started a relationship which lasted until the following year, 1971, when Charles joined the Royal Navy. When he left, Camilla married Andrew Parker Bowles, a handsome cavalry officer. Charles, in turn, married Lady Diana Spencer, but the two continued to see each other romantically. In 1989, transcripts of private, pillow-talk conversations were leaked to the tabloids, ultimately inspiring “Camillagate” headlines, and Charles and Diana announced their separation in 1992. In 2005, (more than three decades after their initial encounter) Charles and Camilla married.

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